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Does Your Louisville Property Have Termites?

two termites up close

We get asked quite a bit, "What do termites look like?" But sadly, this is not a pest that is going to alert you to its presence by crawling around on your counters, walls, or floors. Termites can enter a structure from the ground and feed on the inside of wood for years without detection. The first signs that a home or business has been ravaged by termites will usually be doors and windows that don't open or shut properly, sloping floors, bulging walls, and sagging ceilings. But by this time, the damage is extensive and costly to repair. So, if you're wondering whether or not your Louisville property has termites, you're going to need to look far beyond the question, "What do termites look like?" Instead, you should be asking, "What are the signs of a termite infestation?"

  • Before termites feed on your home, you may be fortunate enough to see a swarm of winged insects flying around outside. If they come at night, they can be seen around exterior lights and streetlights.
  • Termite swarms do not last long. So you are less likely to see a swarm than you are to see the evidence that a swarm has happened. Termite swarmers are male and female reproductives that lose their wings after they mate. These white, transparent wings can be found littered about on porches, decks, walkways, and window sills.
  • If an infestation has taken root, it will usually begin in the soil near your home. Look for any areas where there is moist soil and damp wood. If you have mulch, pull up some mulch and look underneath for black insects with white wings or pale, worm-like creatures with six legs.
  • When termites have begun to feed on your home, it is likely they will have built mud tubes on your basement walls. It is important to do a complete inspection around the foundation of your home, looking in hard-to-get-at places like under decking, behind stairwells, and within external structures that attach to your home. If you have crawl spaces under the house, be sure to get in there with a flashlight as well.

The best way to protect your Louisville home from termites is to have an active protection plan that not only stops termites from eating your house in the first place but also works to destroy the colony that sent them. At Action Pest Control, we use the most advanced and trusted termite protocols in the industry to guarantee complete, effective, and most importantly, ongoing termite control in Louisville.

Knowing what a termite looks like won't protect your home from termites, but Action Pest Control will. Get your termite protection in place today by calling Action to get action!