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The Many Dangerous Aspects Of Pest Bird Infestations

two pest geese

There is so much that can be said about birds. There are nuisance birds and there are birds of pleasure. People spend millions of dollars to attract birds to their back yard and deck. They feed the birds and sit for hours enjoying the pleasure of watching their activity. Others go on bird watching trips to identify and watch various species, getting very excited when spotting a rare bird.

By the same token, there are others who spend millions of dollars attempting to discourage and eradicate birds from their property. This is especially true with commercial properties that have become infested with nuisance birds. One of the more common nuisance birds is the pigeon.

Ironically, London has incorporated a useful technique using a flock of pigeons to measure the levels of nitrogen dioxide in the city. This trained Pigeon Air Patrol has very light weight sensors strapped to their backs, measuring nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and other compounds in the air.

Unfortunately, the pigeons we are dealing with are not nearly as beneficial. Pest birds spread many infectious diseases, harbor multiple parasites, and cause damage to property. Pigeons, starlings, and sparrows have developed a comfort level around people, making it convenient for them to move into buildings and eat human food. Contamination is possible when people become exposed to bird feces and the surrounding environment they inhabit. Water sources also become contaminated when exposed to a diseased bird that defecates in or around human water sources.

Another concern is when humans inhale dust from dried feces and the dirt or dust that has been in contact with the bird droppings. The airborne particles contain fungi and bacteria and, when inhaled into the lungs, provide great breeding grounds for the infectious agents. In addition to health issues, pest birds cause damage to property. Bird droppings are high in uric acid and can eat through most building materials, damaging roofs and metal surfaces. A buildup of excessive droppings will also cause a hazard of someone slipping and falling.

Action Pest Control is very proficient in solving bird problems. We place a high priority on safe and humane treatment of all birds, and we understand the bad publicity and damaged reputation that can be caused with an infestation of birds around commercial buildings. Here at Action Pest Control, pest bird services include nest removal, exclusion installations, cleanup and decontamination, and dispersing of flocks. Don’t hesitate to contact Action Pest Control today for all your pest bird infestations.