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Fall Decorating, A Good Idea Or A Bad Idea?

a family of 4 with a pumpkin on the front deck

Autumn is a time of year when countless homeowners enjoy decorating their homes and yards with a variety of colorful and festive fall decorations. Grinning pumpkins lining front steps, hay bales placed strategically around yards with an assortment of gourds on top, corn stalks, scarecrows, scary lighting, and fake spider webs in front windows, are just a few of the things you're likely to see these fall season. It is fun to decorate, but be aware that decorations can lure pests into your yard and your home.

All organic items used to decorate are potential meals for insects and rodents. A carved pumpkin is a pretty good snack for a hungry mouse, and also a nice little nesting place for that mouse or other rodents. They also can attract flies. Hay bales and corn stalks are perfect places for a host of insects to hide in and feed on.

Non-Pest-Inviting Decorating Tips

There are some things you can do to decorate and reduce the likelihood of attracting pests:

  • Leave pumpkins uncarved. This will maintain their freshness longer and keep bugs and rodents away from the interior flesh. Paint the exterior and apply glitter for a fun and spooky look.
  • If you desire to carve your pumpkin, consider leaving it inside a window, instead of on the front porch.
  • If you want an outside carved pumpkin, get as much of the guts out as possible, then spray the entire pumpkin, inside and out, with a 5% bleach solution turn it upside down, and let it dry before displaying it.
  • Use imitation items as much as possible. Practically every other store carries imitation decorations of many shapes and sizes that look very real. Not only will these not attract pests, but you can store them and use them over and over again for many years.
  • Decorate your home from the inside. With colorful window clings, fake spider webs, scarecrows, and more, inside your home, there will be much less of a chance of being infested with bugs or rodents.
  • If you use lighting to add spookiness to outside Halloween decorations, use yellow lighting that will not attract insects.

When To Call In The Pros:

If you want satisfaction in knowing that you can decorate any time of year and not have to worry about pests, it might be time to look into year-round home pest control. Here at Action Pest Control, we don't just eliminate pest infestations, we help homeowners seal exterior walls, inside and out, to keep those pests from getting in. Then, if you are inclined to decorate for fall or Halloween, or any other holiday for that matter, you can rest easy if you attract a few insects or rodents into your yard, knowing that your house is protected. We serve pest control throughout Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. For prevention or relief from a host of fall pests, call Action, and get action. We'll help keep your fall decorations pest-free.