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A Complete Guide To Fall Pest Prevention For Indianapolis Property Owners

a celler spider in a home

For Indianapolis homeowners, fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. However, along with the delightful weather and beautiful scenery, Indy residents have to deal with leaves all over the yards and the ever-present threat of an early, icy winter. Unfortunately, the cooler fall weather is also a harbinger of dangers within your home in the form of pests attempting to find warmth for the winter.

Wintering Pests

Pest control is a year-round issue, but as colder weather moves in (which is way too early in Indiana), the pests will try to move in as well. And, unfortunately, this truth isn’t limited to small pests like insects. Rodents in Indianapolis like mice and rats are highly likely to attempt entry into your home as the weather gets colder. Along with damaging your walls, linens, insulation, and electrical wiring, mice and rats will carry bacteria and diseases into your house and spread them throughout, including your kitchen, creating a dangerous situation for all occupants.
Another dangerous rodent that likes to find a warm winter home within your walls is the raccoon. They’ll make a mess out of your trash, wherever you store it, and they can be quite aggressive when confronted. Make sure to get professional assistance if you have a rodent in your house.
As far as smaller pests go, there are hundreds of species of insects that are more likely to infest your house during the winter. In our area, the German cockroach and the dangerous brown recluse are notorious winter scourges, and you do not want to deal with either of them. German cockroaches are known bacteria spreaders and can create a lot of damage to your stored food supplies because of their small size and ability to crawl through tight spaces. And, of course, a brown recluse in your home is a severe health risk because of their poisonous bite that can deteriorate layers of skin.

Winter Prevention Starts In The Fall

In order to prevent these pests from ruining your holiday season, you have to get out in front of the problem. Protecting your home starts with a few simple home maintenance tips:

  • Keep your house clean to eliminate food or drinks that may attract pests and rodents.
  • Seal up entry points around windows and underneath doors.
  • Control the moisture issues in your home (under appliances, leaking pipes, humid basements, etc.).
  • Store your food and trash promptly and properly.

By maintaining an environment in your house that’s less attractive to pests, you stand a fighting chance of avoiding serious winter issues. However, there is no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to do-it-yourself pest control. If pests want in, they’ll get in. And once they’re in, most DIY pest eradication methods won’t get to the root of the problem, so it will keep coming back up throughout the winter months. That’s why traps and sprays that you buy at the store will end up costing you more money in the long run.
To truly protect your home this winter and avoid the headache of DIY pest control, you’re going to have to go with the pros. The only guaranteed results come from trusting a licensed professional, and there’s no better option than Action Pest Control. With expert technicians available that can work with your schedule and budget, the best protection from pests invading your home in the fall comes from on-going professional home pest control help from Action Pest Control. Contact us to prepare your home for a pest-free winter.