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Bird Control Netting For Businesses

bird netting near a business

Pest birds can present many challenges for a business, and let's be honest, if you own or operate a business, you have enough on your plate. You don't need the constant maintenance that comes with birds leaving their droppings on your sidewalks, ledges, and front steps or the litigation that can come from a customer or employee slipping on those droppings. You don't need the hassle of removing roosts from ledges and rafters or cleaning out attic spaces that have been invaded by pest birds. And, you don't need the harmful disease scavenger birds spread. That is why it is important to have a professional inspect your business for bird-related threats and install appropriate bird exclusions.

At Action Pest Control, we have many exclusion installations that we use to keep pest birds away from businesses, but in this article, we're going to talk about one that keeps pest birds out. If you have any sensitive areas around your business, it is sometimes necessary to put netting up, so that birds cannot gain access to these areas.

Here are the ways netting can protect a business:

  • Does your business have machinery with moving parts in outside locations? When birds come to perch, they can be caught in these moving parts and damage those machines. Netting can keep these areas secure and prevent birds from being where they shouldn't be.
  • Do you have open-air buildings where birds can fly in and make their nests in the rafters? Netting can be used to keep those birds from roosting.
  • Do you provide an outside eating area for employees or guests? Netting can be used to let the air and sunshine in, but keep those birds out.
  • Birds can be a danger when they get onto the roof of a building. Netting will protect sensitive equipment up there.
  • If you have any large openings you want to keep birds from entering through, netting is the perfect solution.

Bird netting is 100% effective at keeping birds out and, when it is installed properly, it is barely visible from a distance and fully effective at creating a barrier birds cannot penetrate. At Action Pest Control, we use netting to protect signs, bell towers, pavilions, gazebos, crops, food courts, gardens, greenhouses, machinery, balconies, vineyards, fish ponds, bridges, boat docks, residential structures, and much more.

If you need bird exclusions for your business, we can help. Our bird control specialists know what exclusions are most effective and which products will yield the best results for each application. Don't let pest birds hurt your business. Keep them out and keep them away, with state-of-the-art bird exclusion from Action Pest Control.