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Are All Ants Created Equal?

ants on a leaf

There are many ants that can encroach upon your home but are all ants an equal threat? It depends on what you consider a threat. If you can live with ants getting into your pantry and leaving a stink when you step on them, you might not care that you have odorous house ants. But not all ants are created equal. Which of these ants would you put on the top of your most wanted list?

Fire Ants

There is no doubt about it, fire ants are a pain to have around. Quite literally. Those little buggers bite. But in the grand scheme of things, how much of a threat are they? Their bites, though irritating, are not generally going to send you to the hospital unless you have an allergic reaction. If you have an allergy to fire ant poison, you might want to put these at the top of your to-kill list, but other than that, this is not an ant that poses much of a threat.

Crazy Ants

What do you think about crazy ants? Should you be worried about an ant that has multiple queens in one colony, produces offspring in the millions and short circuits electrical boxes? Maybe. Especially when homeowners kill and collect these ants by the trash bags full. That is a ton of ants! One man claimed that his truck wouldn't start and that when he lifted the hood to look at the engine is was almost entirely covered in ants. If you're creeped out by this and want to protect your home from electrical damage and even fire, you might want to make this ant your number one.

Carpenter Ants

When these bad boys start walking across the floor of your kitchen en mass, it is time to definitely worry. Carpenter ants are a wood-damaging pest that chews galleries through wood and causes millions of dollars in damages each year in the United States. If you're looking to protect your equity, you might want to put this wood chewer at the top.

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