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Termite Control In Indianapolis

a winged termite

Whether you own a home or business in Indianapolis it is wise to have termite protection. Owning property is a big investment. The last thing you need is insects silently eating through support beams and warping load-bearing walls. This kind of damage can be difficult, and sometimes impossible, to repair. That is why property owners nationwide spend billions to guard against them. If you live in Indianapolis, call the termite experts at Action Pest Control and choose how to protect yourself from these wood-destroying insects.

Just Termites.

Action Pest Control offers cutting edge, termite prevention with Termidor®. A licensed professional does a comprehensive inspection to evaluate the interior and exterior of your property. The Termidor product is applied where termites will pick it up and "transfer" it to the rest of their colony. In 90 days, an inspector will come and ensure that all infesting termites have been eliminated. This product is 100% effective at eliminating termites. And, Action Pest Control backs our service with a money-back guarantee and a $250,000 damage warranty. For some structures, Action even offers a lifetime warranty.

Termites Plus Over 40 Other Common Pests.

If you've come to the decision that termite control is a good investment, you should know that pest control is a good investment as well, and Action Pest Control offers a pest protection plan that will guard your property from termite damage and keep over 40 other invasive pests out.

Carpenter ants eat away at softened wood. Roaches spread illness. Wasps sting.  There is no end to the misery pests can bring. Force them to live in nature, where they belong, and make your property a pest-free zone.

Action Pest does indoor and outdoor applications. We remove cobwebs, insect debris, and nests. We install rodent stations and termite monitoring systems. They apply pest proofing and eliminate entry points and more. When you have action pest control protecting your property, you have an industry leader on your team.

With fewer pests you'll have less wear and tear on your property, less illness and no frustrating pests crawling around. Life without pests isn't just better, it's smart. Call Action Pest Control and see which option works best for you.

Life is better without pests. Protect your property from wood eaters like termites and carpenter ants, and seal out pest that spread illness like cockroaches, mice, rats, ants and more. Pest protection is a sound investment. Let the Indianapolis pest control experts at Action Pest Control help you.