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Got Questions About Termites, Indianapolis?

termites on wood

Whenever there is an important decision to make, it is wise to get an expert opinion. If you've lived any length of time on this planet, I'm sure you can think back to something that went horribly wrong because of a lack of proper guidance. Perhaps it was a hospital visit due to blunt force trauma. Or, maybe for two months the lights in your bedroom turned on every time you flicked the switch in the kitchen. It's okay. It happens to the best of us. No one is here to judge. But when it comes to protecting your home from termite damage, it is important to get your questions answered by a professional. Here are some common questions homeowners ask about termites, along with answers from the Indianapolis termite control experts at Action Pest Control. Perhaps your questions can be found in this list.

Are termites really a problem? Termites in the United States do more damage annually than storms, fires, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes combined.

Are there termites in Indianapolis? Yes. Indianapolis is home to subterranean termites. These termites account for more than 85% of the billions in property damage done by termites in the United States each year.

Do termites have wings? Not all. Winged termites, also called swarmers, are only produced when a colony is ready to split. Winged termites are male and female reproductives that set out with two goals: mate, and establish another colony. If you find swarmers in or around your home, it is a sign that a mature colony is nearby. It is important to establish whether or not it is on your property.

What does termite damage look like? Termites consume cellulose, which can be found in all wood products. If you see unexplainable cracks in interior walls, blisters or sagging in floors, damage to laminate floors and wallpaper, damage on outside fencing and decks, sticking windows and doors, damage on your roofline, or carved wood damage on furniture, you probably have termites.

How can I tell if I have a termite problem? If you find mud tubes on you basement walls, winged insects under mulch, wood damage on your property, swarmers or discarded swarmer wings, or you see swarmers, you have a problem.

Do I need a termite treatment? Professional termite control is a definite must if in fact these insects are infesting your house.  You would be unwise to attempt to treat an infestation yourself. If termites are not entirely eradicated and that colony isn't destroyed, you'll be facing a home repair nightmare down the road.   

If you have a question that wasn't found on this list or you'd like to learn more about treating these wood destroying bugs, contact the Indianapolis termite control experts at Action Pest Control. They have the answers you need to protect your investment.