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Holiday Travel Increases The Need For Bed Bug Control In Louisville

suitcases in a hotel room

The holiday season is when many bed bug infestations begin. Through the winter, these bugs will grow in population. And, by spring, infestations are popping up all over. But you don't have to be one of the homes fighting these blood eating insects in spring. A k-9 inspection from Action Pest Control can stop an infestation before it can root. Read on and find out if your home is at risk.

How Do They Spread To Homes?

When people are on the move, that is when bed bugs are on the move. These blood eating insects crawl into luggage, bags, and clothing, to lay their eggs or hitch a ride. That is why it is important to be on the watch for these bugs during the holidays. One female bed bug can have over 4000 babies in her short lifetime, and bed bugs mature to mating age in under a month.

What Are The Signs Of Bed Bug Infestation?

During the holiday season, unsuspecting families can pick bed bugs up when they travel, and bring these bugs home. By the time spring arrives, their home is teaming with them, and it seems like everyone is waking up with large patches of rash on their backs, necks, faces, wrists, and ankles. But bed bugs in Louisville can be detected before this. Peel back covers and look for brown seed-like bugs (they may appear round and tick-like, if they have recently had a blood meal). Inspect for blood stains on sheets and pillowcases, and examine seams and corners on mattress and box springs for sticky black residue.

Am I At Risk For Bed Bugs?

If you have traveled during the holidays and forgotten to check for bugs, they could already be in your home. You can choose to wait until the signs of infestation become apparent (which is after these bugs have had many blood meals), or call Action Pest Control, and have bed bug canines sniff for them. With the expert use of K-9 Inspectors, Action Pest is able to locate bed bugs and kill them, before they become a nightmare for your family.

If you catch bed bugs early, you can avoid the inconvenience of a professional heat treatment or fumigation. Though Action Pest Control is discreet and efficient, these treatments are more expensive, and no fun for the family. If you've just returned from holiday traveling, get a quick K-9 check up, to be safe. It could save you a lot of money, and the trauma of dealing with these bugs. And, that makes it worth every penny.