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Hey Louisville, Looking For An Effective Termite Control Method?

a large termite swarm

Attention all Louisville residents! It is that time again! Spring has sprung and the termites are surfacing! The presence of these termites calls for an effective termite control method to be administered.

The irony of subterranean termites is that they are extremely beneficial while at the same time, considered to be one of the most damaging insects. They are beneficial in forested areas where they feed upon vegetation and dead trees. This reduces the ecological waste of the forest into organic matter. However, termites also wreak havoc with property owners, causing millions of dollars damage to homes and other wooden structures. The risk of heavy damage to home owners and business owners calls for the assistance of pest management professionals as soon as you suspect the presence of termites.

When one thinks about effective termite control methods, Termidor comes to mind. Termidor termiticide/insecticide was introduced to the pest control community in the year 2000. This product is a successful and effective defense against subterranean, Formosan and Drywood termites. The rapid success of this product is that it is undetectable. The termite cannot smell, taste or see Termidor. In fact, they are completely unaware that it is there. The termite comes in contact with it and then ingests and shares this deadly product with the rest of the colony.

Termidor uses a liquid to be applied to foundation walls and around the perimeter of buildings when treating for subterranean termites. It is not only odor free and unable to be detected by termites, it will not cause any disruption to the routine activities of the home. There is also a Termidor DRY that can be applied directly into galleries and when treating Dry-wood termites. Another advantage of the DRY is that no moisture is added to the wood. Termidor kills termites on contact as well as when being ingested.

At Action Pest Control, you will receive a five-step termite control system that includes the application of Termidor.

  1. Action’s system begins with a comprehensive inspection.
  2. Termite treatment is applied with Termidor, America’s #1 termite defense product.
  3. You receive a follow-up three-month termite elimination inspection
  4. There will be another termite inspection one year after initial treatment.
  5. This all comes with a money-back guarantee and damage warranty.

All inspected structures that qualify for the five-step Action Pest Control system will receive a lifetime warranty. This highly successful and comprehensive termite control plan provides the best system available in the Tri-State area and gives homeowners peace of mind from the concerns of termite infestation.