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Pest Control In The Food Industry + Fumigations

a fire ant up close

There is a lot that goes into running a business in the food industry. Food quality, services, pricing, and atmosphere are just a few of the things these types of businesses have to focus on. Something that is even more important when it comes to the success and sustainability of the food industry business is pest control. In processing plants, it doesn’t matter how affordable your prices are if mice are lurking in the corners. In storage facilities, the quality of your product can be far overshadowed by cockroaches crawling around, and in a restaurant, no matter how amazing the food tastes, how incredible the view, or how affordable the prices are, any sign of rodents or insects can keep customers away for good. In today's world of technology and instant reviews, any sign of a pest problem is trouble for the reputation of your business.

Not only can pests be a huge problem for the reputation of your business but they can also pose a major health hazard to your customers and your employees. Cockroaches can be extremely invasive producing tons of offspring quickly. Cockroaches are known to carry parasites and diseases that can be very dangerous including salmonella and food poisoning. They can also trigger asthma symptoms and allergic reactions. Mice and rats can also carry several parasites and diseases. Their droppings are so dangerous, they should only be cleaned while wearing a mask and gloves. They can also chew through wires posing a fire hazard. If either of these pests comes in contact in any way with food, it is potentially contaminated and should be disposed of.

When it comes to getting rid of a pest problem in any food industry it is very important to hire a professional rather than trying to take care of the problem yourself. The longer pests are in your facility the more damage they do, the more they contaminate and the worse your reputation can become. Even more important, chemicals needed to eliminate pests can be dangerous if they are not used properly. They can often pose more of a threat to your employees and customers than to the pest itself. Not only that but, those chemicals can destroy food products and make consumption dangerous.

A professional pest control company can go over all of the options available for your business from prevention to elimination. One option offered by some pest control companies is fumigation. The gas used for fumigation gets into the floors and the walls, killing all pests, even insects and rodents hiding in places where they can’t be found. As long as foods are stored in an airtight bag or container, they can stay in the facility during the fumigation process. You can also leave canned goods and corked wine bottles. You can even leave your dishes as they will not need to be rewashed after the fumigation process. After the gases have evaporated there is no residue or anything left behind that can pose a risk to you, your customers, or your employees. Fumigation can be especially useful for food storage and processing plants since so many foods are being shipped in from other countries potentially bringing in new insects and rodents.

No matter what prevention or elimination option you choose for your business, it is something you should keep in the front of your mind. Your business, your health, your customers, and your employees should never be exposed to the damage that can be done by a pest problem.