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Why Commercial Bird Control Is Necessary

two pigeons on a roof line

Pest birds are a problem for commercial property owners in Terre Haute, Indy, and throughout Indiana as well as our entire service area. We receive many calls from concerned business owners about these pesky Indiana birds and when we arrive on the property, the damage is often quite obvious. Damaged roofs, birds squawking and making a nuisance of themselves, and bird droppings everywhere are just a few of the evident reasons why pest birds are such a nuisance to commercial environments. What other problems do birds cause?

Here are some of the many reasons why commercial bird control is necessary:

  • Birds can ruin your reputation. If you have them hanging around your business and they are leaving their droppings everywhere, your reputation can be tarnished, your facility will look dirty and you can lose even the most dedicated clientele.
  • Birds will cost you a lot of money with the damage they cause. They will damage your roof when they gather together and nest there. Bird feces and urine will damage roof tiles and with birds clustering on your roof, the damage is not limited to only the roof. Birds will fly around the area, dropping feces on statues, walkways, cars, and even people.
  • Bird droppings are incredibly corrosive. These droppings will turn to salt and ammonia over time, speeding up the corrosion of paint, concrete, and metal; this can eventually lead to structural failure.
  • Birds are known to entangle themselves in machinery, block ventilation ducts, cause fires, peck holes in roofing and even bring down power lines; birds have even been the cause of fatal aircraft bird strikes.
  • Pest birds can become a liability for your company. The unsanitary conditions that are present when bird infestations are around can make people sick; bird feces can cause walking surfaces to become slippery and dangerous. Without correction, bird infestations can cause businesses to fail sanitation audits, lose licenses, and face harsh penalties- even eventual shutdown if the situation gets severe.

The bird pest control professionals at Action know what it takes to eliminate pigeons and other pest birds from your property. We understand the damage that these pests can inflict- we know that they can cause you to lose customers and affect your bottom line. Getting rid of pest birds is one of our specialties; our pest bird control solutions have been successfully solving bird problems for over 20 years. We offer exclusion installations, structural modifications, nest and roost removal, roost decontamination, and flock dispersion.

Contact us today to learn more about pest control for pigeons, starlings, grackles, and the other pest birds that may be bothering you.