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4 Advantages Of Fumigations

ants coming out of a hole

When you have a pest problem, especially when the problem is severe, you want the most effective pest control solution available on the market. Many people resort to sprays and residual applications, but often these types of treatments aren’t completely effective. Repeat treatments are the result, which can cause expensive bills and a pest problem that isn’t eliminated. When it comes to effective pest control, in some cases, a pest professional will determine that the most efficient option is fumigation.

There are many benefits of fumigation- here are what we consider the top 4 advantages when a fumigation service is necessary:

  1. No matter what stage of life your pest problem is in, fumigation can eliminate them. Eggs, pupae, and larvae as well as adults. Fumigation is the right treatment to get rid of every life stage that is present. Some non-fumigation-type treatments will work best on certain life stages, while other life stages will remain unperturbed. Fumigation is appropriate when all life stages may be present like in the case of a severe infestation.
  2. Fumigation is a quick solution to your problem. Many pest control measures can some time to work, including baits and sprays. Fumigation is quick, often taking care of your pest problem overnight. This may be necessary for sensitive environments or commercial establishments in which there’s zero tolerance for pests.
  3. Fumigation can get to those ‘hard to reach’ areas where pests may be hiding. It permeates a room, even if the room is filled with your belongings. Fumigation can reach where sprays, dust, aerosols, and other typical pest control materials cannot, ensuring complete pest eradication.
  4. Fumigation is ideal in sensitive environments, including food processing and storage facilities. There are reduced residue problems in fumigated areas compared to typical pest control treatments.

Fumigation is a great option for pest control and when performed by a trained professional, it can be completely safe and effective. This option is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial facilities facing pest problems. For more information on fumigation services and to learn whether or not this is a treatment best suited for your pest situation, give us a call today!