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Rain And Flooding Open Doors For Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

a large swarm of mosquitos

Everybody has heard of mosquitoes, but have you heard of Asian tiger mosquitoes? Asian tiger mosquitoes are a specific species found in the Evansville, IN area. They are very aggressive biters, can swarm in large numbers, and can become a huge nuisance to property owners. They have a distinctive appearance; they are covered with shiny black scales, and silver or white bands on their legs, and have dotted lines on their abdomens. Asian tiger mosquitoes can be so aggressive that they often spend outdoors in your Evansville yard a miserable experience. Mosquitoes are capable of driving that outdoor party you worked so hard planning back inside.

Due to the large amount of rain and flooding that Evansville, IN has recently experienced, Asian tiger mosquitoes are a bigger threat than ever. As a result of our weather, there are now more areas of standing water which in turn means that increased breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Like any other species of mosquitoes, the female Asian tiger mosquitoes use standing water to lay their eggs on. Things like bird baths, tires, buckets, wheelbarrows, clogged gutters, and pet bowls are all common things that collect water and attract mosquitoes.

Tiger mosquitoes are not only a nuisance but they are dangerous to have on your property. Along with biting and annoying you these insects can also spread diseases. They are not known to spread the West Nile virus, but they can spread a variety of other diseases including dog heartworm, dengue, and eastern equine encephalitis, none of which you or your family members ever want to deal with! As a homeowner, there is no way to completely stop mosquitoes from choosing your property to breed and live on, but along with professional help, there are ways that you can help control them.

Some mosquito prevention and control tips from the experts at Action include:

  • Removing/eliminating areas of standing water on your property.
  • Keep grass cut short and do not allow landscaping and other vegetation to become too thick on your property (Mosquitoes like to rest in tall grasses and thick vegetation).
  • Make sure that all screens in your windows and doors are completely intact and that gaps around windows and doors are caulked.
  • When spending time outdoors apply a mosquito repellant and dress appropriately, long sleeves and pants whenever possible.

Besides implementing your prevention methods, mosquitoes can also be managed very effectively using Action Pest Control’s Backyard Mosquito Program. The backyard mosquito control program begins by having one of our trained professionals survey your property and identify where the mosquitoes are hanging out and breeding. Then with your individual property and family’s needs in mind, we will create a customized comprehensive mosquito extermination program. This program will work to get rid of the breeding areas on your property and help to reduce the amount of mosquitos re-entering your property from other areas.

For more information about how to get rid of mosquitoes and even how to get rid of them throughout your entire neighborhood, contact the experts at Action Pest Control today. Don’t let another perfect day be spent indoors because of pesky mosquitoes! Get the upper hand on them with Action’s effective mosquito program! Want to learn more about our services? 

Reach out to us today!