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Got Bats In Your Business?

Bat hanging upside down from a tree

We love them in nature because they help to control mosquito populations, but when bats happen to find their way into your business, it’s a whole different story. Not only are bats capable of sending your employees and customers running for the hills but there are also many dangers associated with bats as pests inside of a facility. Our Indianapolis pest control team at Action Pest Control would like to share with local business owners why bats are a dangerous pest and how to get rid of them.

Dangers of bats in a business facility:

  • They spread pathogens that can cause illness and disease including histoplasmosis and rabies.
  • Their urine and feces cause contamination, structural damage, and a foul odor.
  • Bats can introduce other pests such as bat bugs (similar to bed bugs) into the facility.
  • Bats can bite when they are handled or feel threatened.

In addition to bats being a dangerous pest, they are also not good for business in Indianapolis, Terre Haute, and Louisville. The presence of pests creates a negative image and reputation of being a business that has a pest problem.

So before bats have a chance to roost inside your facility, here are a few bat prevention tips:

  1. Seal off any exterior cracks, holes, or other openings around the facility.
  2. Keep windows and doors closed unless they are secured with a screen.
  3. Cover vents, chimneys, and other large openings with covers or screens.
  4. Reduce clutter within the facility to eliminate places for bats to hide.

If you do find bats inside your business, please contact Action Pest Control right away. Because bats can bite and spread disease, it is not a good idea to handle them on your own and you certainly do not want to wait to get rid of bats. For fast and safe bat removal in Indianapolis and Terre Haute, Indiana as well as in Louisville, Kentucky, and surrounding service areas, give us a call today!