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When field mice get into your home, they become house mice, and house mice prefer to stay house mice. When roof rats get into your home, they become house rats, and, as you can probably guess, house rats prefer to stay house rats. But even when a rodent gets into your home that is not inclined to stay inside, you can still have a lot of problems with them. Another common rodent pest that gets into Lexington homes is the Norway rat. While this rat is a burrowing rodent that is usually found outside in the ground, it can go in and out of your home over and over again, bringing ticks, fleas, and other parasites. The first reason you should call a professional about rodents in your Lexington home is that rodents like getting into your home, and you're going to have a hard time convincing them that your home is not where they should be. Here are a few more reasons.

Rodents Are Hard To Get Rid Of

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Mice and rats do not make it easy for you to remove them from your home. If you decide to use traps to catch rodents, there are a few things you should consider:

  • No matter how fancy or scientifically advanced your rodent traps are, they can fail to capture a single rodent if they are not deployed properly.
  • A common trap used by homeowners is the old-fashioned spring trap. This is an effective way to catch mice, but these traps must be deployed correctly in order to work.
  • If you handle the traps while deploying them, rodents will be able to smell you on them, and this may cause them to avoid the traps.
  • Mice do not like new things placed in their environment. Traps laid down for mice can fail if they're not deployed correctly to counter this natural behavior.
  • Mice and rats run along baseboards and hug walls. If you place traps around a room, they're not likely to catch anything.
  • The most important thing to consider is that, when your trapping efforts fail, your home can continue to have mice and rats in it without you realizing the infestation has not been corrected. This can lead to ongoing health issues and property damage.

Rodents Are Hard To Keep Out

Once you've gotten rid of the rodents in your home, you can still have ongoing problems because new rodents can come in to replace the rodents you've removed. This can be more than a little bit frustrating as it only takes a small hole for a rodent to get in. A full-grown rat can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter, and most adult mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime.

All Those Rodents Need To Go

Mice and rats can make you sick, damage your belongings, and damage your home. Here are only a few of the many ways rodents can be a threat:

  • Mice chew holes so they can get into your home. These holes can let rainwater in and cause water damage. These holes can also let other pests in.
  • Mice chew on baseboards, sheetrock, and other building materials as they explore your home.
  • Mice chew on stored belongings. They chew up clothing to get material for their nests. They chew holes into stored furniture and nest inside.
  • Mice chew holes in food packages. This can cause the food inside to be contaminated.
  • Mice mark their territory with their urine.
  • Mice leave their droppings in many places.
  • Mice spread fleasticks, and other parasites around.
  • The fur of mice and rats can contaminate everything the rodent touches because rodents crawl in trash bins, dumpsters, sewers, and other dirty places.
  • The waste left by mice and rats can cause many diseases.

Rodent Control

If you live in Lexington, leave your rodent control to the professionals at Action Pest Control. Our service professionals know what is required to remove and exclude rodents from your home. We use the most advanced methods and technologies to make sure your home does not contain a single rodent. Take action and get Action today. We're standing by to assist you!

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