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While some pests may be a nuisance, others, like rodents, can also be dangerous when they’re in close proximity to you or your family. In Owensboro, residents have got a few different rodent species to worry about, including:

Roof rats: Named for their excellent climbing abilities, roof rats have large eyes, long, scaly tails, and smooth fur with brown and black coloring.

Norway rats: Norway rats tend to be a little larger than roof rats, with shorter tails, and they have grayish-white underbellies.

House mice: With cream-colored bellies and gray fur, house mice may sometimes be misidentified for rats, but they usually have smaller, rounder bodies and large ears in proportion to their bodies.

Squirrels: Squirrels are usually the easiest rodent to identify with their larger bodies, beady eyes, and fluffy tails.

Not only can all of these rodents cause property damage by chewing through your wiring or walls, but they’ve also got the potential to spread dangerous diseases or parasites too. Rats and mice, for instance, may contaminate your home with salmonellosis, while squirrels could spread fleas or ticks.

For Owensboro homeowners and business owners, rodents spell nothing but bad news. Here’s what you should know about why rodents may invade your home or business, why it’s so difficult to deal with rodents on your own, and what steps you can take to prevent rodent problems in the future.

Why Do Rodents Invade Owensboro Homes And Businesses?

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Throughout history, rodents like mice, rats, and even squirrels have heavily relied on humans to provide enough food, water, and shelter to wait out the winter months. Unfortunately, this relationship has always been one-sided. While rodents may benefit from hiding out in human homes and eating our food, they only spread disease and cause property damage in return.

It doesn’t help that it’s often easy for rodents to get into Owensboro homes or businesses – all they need is a tiny hole to crawl through:

Mice: House mice only need a hole that’s the size of a pen or larger to get into your home.

Rats: Rats need a little more space, but they can usually fit through gaps the size of a quarter.

Squirrels: Squirrels need a hole that’s at least the size of their head or 1 ½ inches.

Keep in mind that even if the hole is a little smaller than comfortable, rodents may use their powerful teeth to chew through your wall or foundation until the gap is big enough to fit through.

Why Are Rodents So Difficult To Get Rid Of In Owensboro?

When they first discover a rodent infestation, many homeowners may try to solve the problem on their own with traps or chemicals – but these treatments are rarely effective. Rodents are clever and reproduce quickly, so even if you kill some of the infestation, the survivors will usually just relocate to a better hiding spot.

For these reasons, the safest, most effective way to deal with rodents is by calling the professionals, like those of us at Action Pest Control. Offering both residential and commercial services, our experts understand how dangerous rodents can be for your home or business – and our job isn’t done until your property is rodent-free.

If you suspect that you’ve got a rodent problem in your home or business, don’t wait – contact us at Action Pest Control for more information about our rodent control services.

How To Prevent Rodents In Owensboro, KY

While contacting the professionals at Action Pest Control is the best way to deal with active rodent infestations, there are steps you can take to lower the risk of future rodent problems, such as:

  • Use rodent-proof materials to seal off tiny gaps and holes around your home that rodents may crawl through.
  • Don’t let moisture issues, like plumbing problems or flooded gutters, go unaddressed around your property.
  • Don’t leave food or dirty dishes sitting out in your home overnight.
  • Clean up any food scraps or spills after meals, and limit food consumption to one or two rooms in your home.
  • Keep your garbage cans properly closed, and regularly empty both indoor and outdoor bins.
  • Trim back low-hanging tree branches or shrubs from your home, which roof rats may use to climb onto your roof.
  • Don’t be afraid to use recurring professional guidance from a pest management service like Action Pest Control.

These steps are a great start to rodent prevention. For more advice or assistance on rodent control, don't be afraid to ready out to the home pest control and commercial pest control professionals at Action Pest Control.

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