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Termites Be Gone Proven Techniques For Successful Termite Control In Terre Haute
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Termites Be Gone: Proven Techniques for Successful Termite Control In Terre Haute

Do you have questions about termites in Terre Haute? Do you wonder how they enter your yard, how they get into your home, and how to stop them? We have good news. We're going to break down termite control into an easy-to-understand format. We'll look at why it's hard to see termites and what you need to know to catch these little pests red-handed. We'll explain how termites sneak into your yard and why they start nibbling on the wood of your home. Most of all, we'll tell you how to effectively arrest termite activity. But we're not going to stop there. We're also going to look at termite prevention. The tips below can help prevent reinfestation or prevent an infestation before it starts. Are you ready to learn everything you need to know about termite pest control in Terre Haute? Great. Let's get started!

You're Not Likely To See A Termite: How To Identify Signs Of Activity

Let's start by considering the problem. Why are termites in Terre Haute so hard to detect? There are a few simple factors to consider. They have to do with termite identification, termite behavior patterns, and a misunderstanding of how difficult warning signs are to catch. 

Why It Is Hard To Identify A Termite: You may not realize it when you uncover termites on your property. One big reason is that termites are smaller than you may realize. If you see a termite swarmer (a termite with wings), you may think it's just one of many flying insects that land on you when you are in your yard. Even if you know that swarmers are black with white wings that are rounded at the tips, you may brush it away without considering these visual characteristics because of their meager size. A swarmer is only about ? of an inch long—that's with the wing length included. Worker termites are small too. A worker termite is only about ? of an inch. If you pick up a stick, you may not even see the tiny worker termites underneath it. If you do see them, you may think they're some other kind of bugs, like fat ants or maggots.

Why It Is Hard To See Termite Warning Signs: There is one behavior pattern that causes termites to stay hidden, and that will also cause them to leave warning signs in hidden places. Worker termites avoid the light. Their dislike for the light causes them to stay hidden underground or within the food source they're consuming. If they come out into the open, it is only in areas that are shielded from the sun and moon. For this reason, they'll create warning signs that are just out of view.

Why It Is Easy To Miss Swarmers: A helpful warning sign is the appearance of winged termites on your property. These termites, called swarmers, are quite noticeable when grouped together because they have white wings that are strongly contrasted against their black bodies. But termites don't swarm for long. They quickly mate and tunnel into the ground to establish their nests. The whole process will usually take less than an hour. So, if you take in an afternoon matinee, a swarm can appear and disappear while you're away from home.

When you go looking for termites in your yard, you need to look closely to identify workers and swarmers. You need to look in the hidden places where warning signs may appear. You need to look for the warning sign left behind by swarmers rather than the swarmers themselves, namely the wings they shed during the mating process. You'll have to dig into the ground or cut into stumps, logs, or dying trees. As for a termite-infested tree, you may consider the symptoms. Frequently shed branches and unhealthy bark are indicators that the tree is under attack. If termites are to blame, you may find termite workers on the dead branches when you pick them up.

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Understanding The Termite Threat: Why Termites Infest Homes

Your yard can have many food sources that termites love. So, why would a termite choose the pressure-treated wood inside your home over natural, decaying branches in your yard? Well, they don't prefer pressure-treated wood. But there are a few factors to consider.

  • Termites feed on more than one food source at the same time. While they're eating an ideal food source in your yard, they can also feed on the wood within your home.
  • Many homes have wood sources that are not pressure-treated. For example, termites can find their way into your home and consume the subflooring in your kitchen, right under your feet. 
  • While pressure-treated wood is not a target for termites, water damage can make treated wood vulnerable to termite infestation.
  • Termites are persistent insects. They are constantly searching for food, and they will take advantage of any food source they can find as soon as the food source is appropriate. They may check out a piece of wood several times before the exterior protection breaks down and entry is possible.

It is critical to take steps to deal with active termites as soon as you detect them—or preferably before. There is no knowing when termites will find a vulnerability, and when they start to feed on wood, they're incredibly hard to detect.

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Professional Termite Extermination: Know When To Call In The Experts

When you need termite removal or proactive termite damage prevention, take action and contact Action Pest Control. Why? Because we provide all of the service options you need under one roof. The two methods termite control professionals use to address the threat of subterranean termites are termite bait and termiticide treatments. Many service providers offer one or the other. But each of these methods has its benefits. We offer both so that you get exactly what you need.

Bait: The experts at Action Pest Control have selected The Sentricon® System with Always Active™ as a termite bait solution. Sentricon® has won many awards and has a proven track record for colony elimination. When it comes to ongoing and active termite control and detection, no other system measures up. 

Liquid Treatments: When it comes to termiticide treatments, Termidor® is the most trusted brand because it is undetectable to termites and has a transfer effect. When workers pass through treated soil, they pick the active ingredient up and share it with other termites when they groom each other. Without realizing it, the colony is compromised and eliminated.

Inspections: We also offer termite inspections to catch termite activity on your property. Our certified termite control professionals have the knowledge and equipment to catch sneaky termites and provide you with insights regarding conducive conditions.

When you want easy and effective termite control for your property, our Termite Control System is the best option. It comes with a comprehensive inspection performed by a licensed professional, Termidor® treatments, a three-month termite elimination inspection, and an annual termite inspection. You get everything you need all in one shot.

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Stay Termite-Free: Helpful Tips To Prevent Reinfestation

Once you know the termites are gone, what comes next? If you have ongoing professional care as a part of our Termite Control System, or installation and maintenance of the Sentricon® System, you don't have to think about termites. But, if you don't continue with your termite control, there are measures you should take to reduce the risk of termite activity and termite damage. Here are our best termite prevention tips:

  • Do your own termite inspections. Look for shelter tubes on and inside your home. Watch for swarmers or workers in your yard. Check for termite damage in dark, humid spaces.
  • Remove wood sources in your yard, such as stumps, logs, and wood debris.
  • Pick up dead branches and remove them from your property or store them inside a container to prevent the wood from lying on the ground where termites can get at them.
  • Identify unhealthy trees and nurse them back to health.
  • Consider replacing mulch with pea stones or some other material that is resistant to termites.
  • Replace wooden structures if possible. For example, replacing an old wooden fence with a new vinyl fence is a great choice.
  • Remove wooden objects in your landscaping, such as flower pots, borders, or decorations.
  • Pick up any junk piles that have cardboard, paper products, or fabrics. These contain cellulose and are a food source for termites.
  • Address moisture conditions, such as clogged gutters. Moisture problems can lead to wood rot and also dampen the soil, which is attractive to termites.
  • Listen for a light clicking noise inside the wood of your home. Tap timbers and support beams and listen to see if they sound hollow. Consider squeaking floors, bulging walls, doors that stick, drooping ceilings, and other structural issues. Termites create these issues over time.

If you need advice or guidance on termite prevention and control, remember that your Action Pest Control service team is always ready to help. Take action and contact us anytime. We are your Terre Haute termite control experts!