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Many property owners make the mistake of thinking that pests are uncommon or can’t happen to them. Infestations happen in more homes and businesses than you probably realize, and just because you haven’t noticed pests doesn’t mean they aren’t there. 

Instead of taking a hands-off approach, get started on overall pest control by turning to the experts at Action Pest Control. We provide pest control in Russellville that’s safe, effective, and affordable so you can truly never have to worry about it. 

Residential Pest Control In Russellville

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Our homes are bastions of comfort in an otherwise unpredictable world, and pests know it. They flock to our properties because they know there is a better chance of survival inside our walls and around our yards than in other areas. This is why every Russellville property has at least some level of risk for an infestation. 

Instead of waiting for pests to invade and lead to costly property damage or health risks, you should partner with local pest control experts who know how to keep your home a haven instead of a harborage point for invading pests. 

At Action Pest Control, we provide proven services that homeowners can count on: 

  • Free quotes: Even if you’re unsure you want to pay for a pest control plan, we offer no-obligation estimates over the phone to customers who are curious about how we can protect their homes from pests. 

  • Advanced: Our Advanced service package includes a wide range of interior and exterior treatments that prevent and drive off common invasive pests in Russellville. 

  • Complete: Our most in-depth home protection plan includes protection against termites, as well as more frequent treatments for all pests to ensure protection never fades. 

There’s no better time than right now to get started on securing peace of mind, so get started on home pest control in Russellville by contacting Action Pest Control today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Russellville

Commercial properties also attract pests, and all the extra activity that goes on inside a local business leaves more room for factors that attract infestations. Not only do businesses have a naturally higher risk, but the consequences of pests can be far greater for local business owners. 

Whether it’s costly repairs and maintenance required to address property damage, or health consequences that affect your employees and customers, you don’t want to have to suffer the larger costs of a commercial pest problem. 

Luckily, Russellville property owners have a one-stop resource to turn to for complete pest protection. Action Pest Control helps all kinds of businesses deal with pests quickly and ensure long-term protection against future infestations. This kind of peace of mind is well worth it to keep your business profitable, so contact us today to get started on commercial pest control in Russellville

Why Birds In Russellville Can Be A Problem For Homes And Businesses

When you picture pests, you probably imagine nasty bugs like cockroaches or scavengers like rodents. But even the birds in surrounding trees can be problematic for local property owners. Their feces and nests can lead to property damage, and birds can carry parasites like ticks and fleas that can easily jump to domestic pets and humans. This is why you should take bird control in Russellville seriously by turning to the experts at Action Pest Control. 

We assist with bird exclusion methods and overall property treatments that drive off nuisance birds and the other pests that form and attract birds to your property. Birds eat insects, after all, so complete pest protection is really the best way to avoid the larger pests that will swoop in to take advantage of existing populations. 

Contact us today to get a free estimate and get started on total bird control. 

Five Effective Strategies To Avoid Bed Bugs In Russellville

When it comes to pests that seem to slip in from seemingly nowhere, bed bugs are at the top of the list. These hitchhiking parasites are drawn to all properties where humans sleep, mingle, and travel to and from. Their ability to hop onto people, pets, and belongings without us seeing them is what makes bed bugs such common pests, and you don’t want to have to deal with their itchy bites. 

As such, here are some effective strategies to reduce your risk of bed bugs and keep them out of your Russellville property: 

  • Avoid hotspots: Because bed bugs go where people go, travel hubs like hotels and airports can be hotspots for their populations. Avoid these areas as much as possible and take extra precautions when you frequent these properties. 

  • Smart travels: Those extra precautions include not putting your luggage on the floor of an airport or train station, and thoroughly checking your bedding before sleeping at a hotel. 

  • Inspect items: You should also carefully inspect your luggage, clothing, and any other used items and containers before bringing them back home with you. 

  • Heat cleaning: One effective way to know bed bugs aren’t clinging to potentially contaminated items is by running them in the dryer on high heat. 

  • Professional help: Bed bug experts can provide you with even more tips to avoid bed bugs, as well as inspect your entire property for signs of these parasites. They aren’t just found in mattresses, so only professionals know where to look. 

While these tips can help you avoid a widespread bed bug infestation, only professional solutions can get rid of bed bugs that have already moved into your home. For bed bug control in Russellville that is fast-acting and effective, turn to Action Pest Control. 

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