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Trusted Pest Control In Brazil, IN

Brazil is a city devoted to upholding a sense of vibrancy and liveliness. While it may be small, Brazil is filled with many enticing restaurants, local businesses on every corner, and suburban-style neighborhoods that are friendly and safe. Living in Brazil, you may also face pest problems, and when that happens, the best thing to do is bring in professional services.

At Action Pest Control, we focus on trusted pest control in Brazil that works for homeowners and businesses. We deliver timely services so that you no longer have to incur pest problems. Our team is composed of state-certified technicians, and we have a board-certified entomologist on our staff. In order to best serve our customers, we tailor all of our services to your needs. We offer environmentally friendly treatment options if you prefer them. You can expect superior communication, thorough safety plans, and convenient billing options. To schedule your free inspection, please call us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Brazil

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Keeping your Brazil home safe and pest-free doesn’t have to be a challenge. At Action Pest Control, we provide trusted services so you can sleep soundly at night. Our Advanced program offers interior and exterior services quarterly. This comes complete with exterior rodent stations, pest proofing where needed, cobweb removal, and much more. You’ll also benefit from a full-service guarantee and unlimited service calls. This plan covers pests such as cockroaches, rodents, silverfish, ants, and boxelder bugs.

We also offer our Complete program, which has the added benefit of an annual attic inspection and termite monitoring, as well as a more comprehensive list of pests you’ll receive protection from, such as fleas and ticks. Please call us today to learn more about our residential pest control services in Brazil, IN.

Commercial Pest Control In Brazil

We take a multifaceted approach when it comes to keeping your Brazil business free from pests. Our service starts by having our certified technicians perform a complete property inspection. We use this information to build a treatment plan that incorporates Integrated Pest Management methods. You can expect proper pest identification, thorough sanitation when needed, and both harborage reduction and exclusion installation to keep certain pests from returning to your property. We monitor the results of our services very closely so that we can amend them when necessary and always provide the proper care for you. We even provide thorough documentation for you after every visit so you can be a part of the process. Please call us today for more information on our commercial pest control services in Brazil, IN.

Why Every Brazil Home Needs Professional Termite Protection

Termites are one of the most insidious pests that Brazil residents might come across in their time as homeowners. Professional services are always a smart idea for a variety of reasons. To start, developing a termite problem is far easier than people might think. They are lured by wood and are especially drawn to it if that wood has been compromised due to water damage or fungus. Something as simple as having mulch on top of a foundation without a barrier can easily pave the way for termites to enter a home. And once infestations start, they can number into the millions, depending on the species.

Professional treatments involve top-shelf products and trusted methods that the average person doesn’t have access to. They are applied by licensed technicians who have vast experience performing inspections as well and will address the entire infestation. For more information on termite control in Brazil, IN, call Action Pest Control today.

How Brazil Homeowners Can Reduce Wasps Around The Yard

The wasps that loiter around Brazil yards are territorial and often very aggressive. In order to limit the presence of wasps, try the following tips:

  • Decorate the yard: Wasps will return to an old nest to determine if it’s in good condition, and if it is, they are likely to reinhabit a property. They are also territorial, so if they think that there are other wasps present, they may flee. Try paper lanterns to achieve this. 
  • Be mindful of trash: Garbage is a main attraction for wasps, especially when it’s stored outside. Always use a proper tight-fitting lid and try not to miss trash day. 
  • Cover up food: When hosting outdoor gatherings, be sure to always keep items like cake and fruit salad properly covered. Clean up spills of sodas and sweet drinks when they happen as well. 
  • Eliminate other food sources: For homeowners who have fruit trees, be sure to always pick up fruit that may have fallen because it can start to attract wasps when fruits are decomposing. 
  • Work with a professional: The safest and most effective way to eliminate wasps is by working with a trusted pest control expert. 

For more information on wasp control in Brazil, IN or to schedule a free inspection, call us today. 

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 Derek is always cooperative, enthusiastic, and professional. Excellent service whether I am home or not.

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