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mole at entrance of mole hill

Caring For Your Lawn Can Be Hard Work. Don't Let Moles & Lawn Pests Destroy It

There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into maintaining a healthy lawn and attractive landscaping. Unfortunately, moles work just as hard to destroy it! You may not even notice the damage at first; that’s because these lawn pests work underground. They tunnel their way through the soil looking for worms and other insects to eat and to feed their growing population. With the ability to tunnel up to 18 feet per hour, you eventually this behavior becomes devastating to lawn and landscaping. If your yard needs relief from moles and other lawn pests like voles, Action Pest Control can help!

Action’s Mole Control Program

mole damage on Indiana lawnThe solution to your mole problem starts with a call to Action. Our services include:

Property Survey

A service consultant will survey your property to determine if moles are indeed behind the damage to your lawn. While there, our service consultant will also define the extent of the problem, map out any mole activity and explain the best course of treatment.

Initial Treatment

By utilizing the most advanced products and techniques, you can have peace of mind knowing your lawn is free from moles and your family and pets will not be affected. Action uses baiting products that mimic earthworms, the preferred food source for moles. Bait is carefully placed underground in only the active mole runs to help protect household members and pets.

Follow Up Treatment

Within a few days of the initial treatment, your technician will return to inspect the existing mole tunnels as well as identify any new locations where moles may be present and treat accordingly.

Lasting Protection

Unfortunately moles are a constant problem and are even active during mild winters. For rural properties adjacent to fields and woods the likelihood of reinfestation is high That’s why our mole control is a monthly program that is designed to provide lasting relief from moles.

If you’re tired of moles and other lawn pests making a mess of your yard, contact Action Pest Control today! Serving Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois, we’re ready to help you take back your yard.



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