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How To Stop A Bed Bug Problem Before It Starts In Evansville
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How To Stop A Bed Bug Problem Before It Starts In Evansville

If we were to ask you how bed bugs get into your home, what would you say? Do you know that they hitchhike from one spot to another? Do you know that they don't choose where they live? Do you know they don't come into your home from your yard or landscape vegetation? Bed bugs are somewhat unique in how they spread. If you understand how you might end up with bed bugs, you can take steps to prevent a bed bug problem. Today, we'll help you do just that. We'll look at how you can catch and control bed bugs before they get into your home. We'll explain how bed bugs grow their numbers, both inside your house and in places you visit while away from home. Then, we'll show you how bed bug control works to arrest insect activity.

It is important to note that bed bugs aren't easy to detect. While the tips we share today will give you a better chance of catching and identifying them, they may still elude you. Remember that you can always call on your bed bug inspectors here at Action Pest Control. When you have trouble with pests in Evansville, take action and call Action.

Visual Clues: Identifying Bed Bugs By Appearance

bed bug sign

Do you have a ruler? If you do, get it out and take a look at it. Measure 1/26 of an inch or 1 millimeter. Take a close look. Consider the size. That is how big a baby bed bug is when it hatches from its egg. At that size, you'll have a hard time seeing visual clues that will help you tell that it is a bed bug. And, to make matters worse, a baby bed bug does not look like an adult.

When a bed bug reaches its full size, it is about 1/5 of an inch long, reddish-brown in color, and has a skin that is only partially transparent. While you can see blood or fecal matter inside the insect, it isn't as prominent as in baby bed bugs. An adult bed bug resembles the shape of an apple seed. It has six legs, two antennae, and horizontal crease lines on its abdomen.

When a bed bug hatches, it is not reddish-brown. It is white. That means it will look like a little white speck. So, you may see one and not realize it is a bed bug—if you expect to see a reddish-brown insect. Baby bed bugs are also more of an oval shape. But, like the adults, they have six legs and two antennae. What you may notice most is that a baby bed bug that has had a blood meal will appear bright red because the blood is clearly visible through its transparent skin. If it has digested a blood meal, black fecal matter may be visible in its abdomen.

When you stay somewhere away from home and find a tiny red insect attached to your skin, take a closer look. The nymphs are far more likely to come out of hiding and bite you in dimly lit environments. The adults prefer complete darkness and are usually activated when carbon dioxide emissions rise, which happens while you sleep.

Now, the stage is set. You know how to identify bed bugs, but there is more you need to learn. For example, it is essential to know that you can see bed bugs in many places, not just while spending the night in a hotel or motel. Here are a few locations you might see a bed bug if you're looking for it:

  • In the home of an extended family member or a friend
  • In a duffel bag or sleeping bag
  • In an office space
  • In a briefcase
  • At school
  • In a book bag
  • At a daycare
  • In kid's clothing
  • In assisted living environments
  • In a cab, bus, or train
  • On the binder of a hardback book, you got from the library
  • On your arm while watching a movie at the theater
  • On used furniture you purchase

Now you can answer the question, "Where do bed bugs come from?" But, what can you do about it? In a moment, we'll share some tips to help you prevent bed bug infestations. Before we do, it is important to look at how bed bugs grow their populations so you can better understand how bed bug control works.

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The Longer A Bed Bug Infestations Lasts, The Worse It Gets

When a bed bug infestation begins, it is hard to know. They typically stay in one isolated spot and feed in a way that can go undetected. Initial bites may not have a rash or itch like an insect bite. They may appear as tiny bumps and nothing more. For this reason, friends, family, and business owners can have bed bugs and not realize it. So don't go too hard on them if you detect bed bugs. These are elusive insects.

When bed bugs get into your home, you may detect them if you're continually looking for warning signs. So, it is important to know how to check for bed bugs if you hope to catch them early on and before you have a major infestation on your hands. And you'll want to catch them early because it can save you money on pest control. Smaller infestations are easier to treat. If you want to learn how to find bed bugs, check out our other articles on this topic. We explain where to look for warning signs, such as fecal spotting, brown stains, eggs, and shed skins.

The longer you have bed bugs, the easier it is to see the warning signs. Bed bugs continually come out to feed. They use the blood for sustenance and reproduction. They grow their numbers and spread. At no point will bed bugs go outside. They're indoor insects. When you have a bed bug problem, it will only get worse.

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Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite: Contact The Pros Right Away

When you find bed bugs in your home, contact a licensed professional for bed bug removal. Professionals have the equipment, materials, and strategies to arrest bed bug activity effectively. DIY control usually falls short because these insects are robust and intuitive. Their hardy biology allows them to adapt and guard themselves from hazards like control materials. Their instinctive behavior patterns enable them to avoid treated areas and detection.

If you're in Evansville, take action and contact Action Pest Control. The sooner you catch bed bugs and contact us, the better. We have targeted solutions that can address small infestations. The longer you wait, the larger the infestation and the greater the need for a more expensive solution, such as fumigation. Our treatments scale to meet the requirement. We also offer effective bed bug inspections that can help to detect bed bugs early. Action Pest Control uses K-9 bed bug detection to quickly and efficiently check for bed bugs and isolate bed bug infestations. Contact us to connect with our bed bug inspectors in Evansville and the surrounding region.

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How Can I Prevent Bed Bugs From Coming Back?

Once the bed bugs are gone—or long before you have these irritating pests in your Evansville home, there are ways you can prevent a problem. It takes some effort, but implementing these strategies and sharing them with your kids, extended family, and friends is well worth your time:

  • Always keep watch for bed bugs while away from home. Use the flashlight on your smartphone to check dark spaces, no matter where you are.
  • Always perform a quick bed bug inspection when spending the night anywhere. Look for bed bug adults or nymphs, black or brown stains, tiny white eggs, or skins.
  • Keep your laundry in a sealed plastic bag to prevent bed bugs from crawling into them. They are attracted to the scent of you on your clothes.
  • Always use the luggage rack if there is one. It keeps your luggage off the bed or floor where bed bugs can crawl into it.
  • When you return home, put all of your clothing into the wash. Soapy water works as a desiccant for bed bugs. For added protection, put your clothing through a dry cycle as well. Heat eliminates bed bugs in all stages of development.
  • If you have infested items, put them outside your home and clearly mark them. Bed bugs won't survive outdoors for long. If you need to have an item treated, contact Action Pest Control. We have heating chambers that can address infested items.
  • If you live in an apartment and bed bugs crawl over from an adjoining one, you can keep them out by sealing gaps with expanding foam or caulking material and putting protectors on outlet holes.

We hope you stay diligent and never have a bed bug problem. But, if you do, contact Action Pest Control for bed bug services in Evansville. We provide industry-leading solutions for all of the pests that pester you. Connect with us by phone, text, or email to schedule a service visit.