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Glendale is a pint-sized paradise, with its quirky Glendale Antique Mall and historic streets full of charming shops and cafes. The highly rated Whistle Stop Café is famous for its mouthwatering comfort food, and the Glendale Crossing Festival is the perfect place to enjoy good old Southern hospitality.

Unfortunately, our diverse seasons also make for a pest paradise. Mosquitoes thrive near water sources, and rodents will try to take over your home as they seek shelter during the colder months. Various insects also plague us year-round. Tailored pest control in Glendale, KY, is the best way to reliably keep them at bay.

Residential Pest Control In Glendale

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At Action Pest Control, we are proud to protect the local community with reliable home pest control in Glendale, KY. Our Complete program goes beyond conventional measures to cover over 40 pests, including roaches and termites. This all-inclusive plan includes attic inspections, exterior and interior treatments, pest-proofing, and more for year-round protection. We also offer unlimited service calls and full guarantees.

Or, choose our Advanced program for targeted protection against common pests like ants and spiders. Our skilled team will inspect your home, treat existing issues, and implement preventive measures for year-round results and peace of mind.

We modify our treatments each season or as needed and provide documentation for your records. Call Action Pest Control today to schedule an inspection.

Commercial Pest Control In Glendale

Action Pest Control's tailored 10-step preventative pest management program is the local go-to to ensure you pass all third-party inspections and internal quality assurance audits. We work with experts, including entomologists, to provide the highest quality of care.

Our Integrated Pest Management strategies are the gold standard to eradicate existing issues and address the root causes of infestations in the area. We will start with an inspection to identify pest-conducive conditions before moving on to monitoring, treatments, and sanitation.

Call today to learn more about our options for thorough commercial pest control in Glendale, KY, including exclusion, mechanical and environmental controls, and treatments only when necessary. Reach out to our experts today to get started.

Problems Birds Cause For Glendale Businesses

Birds can be majestic animals and a welcome part of the Glendale ecosystem or nuisance pests that pose significant challenges.

One of the most prevalent issues is the corrosive impact of their droppings on buildings. Their acidic nature can erode surfaces over time, damage everything from paint to metal, and often lead to costly repairs.

Pigeons and sparrows are especially notorious for taking over commercial spaces. Their nests can obstruct ventilation systems, drainage pipes, and other important infrastructure. They can also harbor parasites like mites and ticks, harming your employees and customers.

Needless to say, they are also a significant worry in the restaurant industry, where they can make outdoor dining areas unpleasant and unsafe. They can lead to regulatory issues and damage your reputation. Contamination is also a concern in warehouses and storage facilities.

Finally, their constant and loud chirping or scavenging behavior can distract your staff and customers and impact your bottom line. Action Pest Control can help mitigate these challenges with bird pest control strategies like deterrents and prevention. Call today to tell us more about your situation.

Professional Stinging Insect Control For Glendale Homes

Stinging insects like wasps and hornets are the bane of home and business owners throughout the state. Beyond the pain and discomfort of their stings, these pests can become significant problems if they nest on your property.

They can cause life-threatening allergic reactions, make you fearful of spending time in your yard, and prevent you from hosting fun outdoor events like barbecues. Their nests can also cause expensive property damage.

Preventing stinging insects from taking over your home is crucial. Here are some effective prevention strategies we recommend:

  • Detect nests early on. When you inspect your property, look for signs of nest-building activity and act promptly with the help of professionals to prevent the colony from growing larger.

  • Avoid feeding stinging insects. These pests love our food sources, especially sugary drinks and protein-rich ingredients. Don't leave food in your yard, and tightly cover your trash cans.

  • Seal up entry points. Look around your property to find gaps and other openings stinging insects could fly or crawl through. Close them as needed.

  • Work with the pros. Our experts provide stinging insect and wasp control in Glendale, KY, no matter the size of your nest. Let us safely and effectively manage your pest problem to keep your loved ones safe.

Call Action Pest Control today to learn about our stinging insect control strategies, especially during late summer and early fall. Soon, you will enjoy your yard again without fear of painful stings.

The Action Pest Control experts eliminate existing pest infestations and prevent new ones. Call us today to schedule your initial inspection.

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