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Pest Control In Bridgeton, IN

Bridgeton is a beautiful town known for the historic Bridgeton Covered Bridge, originally built in 1868 and one of Indiana's few remaining covered bridges. Restored and open to visitors, it is a popular attraction.

There is plenty to enjoy here, like the annual Covered Bridge Festival every October, which features food and entertainment and celebrates the area's history and heritage.

But while it is a fantastic place to settle down and raise a family, it is also a hub for many pests. Action Pest Control provides safe and effective pest control in Bridgeton if you struggle with unwanted invaders.

Residential Pest Control In Bridgeton

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Look no further than Action Pest Control for comprehensive residential pest control strategies that will keep you safe from wood-destroying pests, scavengers like rodents and cockroaches, biting and stinging insects, and other unwanted guests. 

While you might not want to think of infestations and the need for treatments, the fact is that any home can be the target for pest problems. Being proactive will prevent issues from taking hold and eliminate them faster should pests manage to enter your property. 

Call Action Pest Control to learn more about our recurring services, Complete and Advanced protection plans, and other practical and customizable options.

Commercial Pest Control In Bridgeton

Having scavengers and insects on your commercial property will quickly put your employees and customers at risk for diseases and could also ruin inventory and more. As a local business, we understand how crucial it is to uphold your reputation and keep everyone safe, and we have top-rated commercial pest control strategies to do just that. 

Our 10-step program protects Action Pest Control customers year-round using inspections, employee training, and visits from entomologists and supervisors. 

Call us today to get started. One of our highly trained professionals will go over our strategies with you, including inspections to identify and eliminate infestation factors, pest monitoring, exclusion projects to prevent invaders from entering, mechanical controls like rodent traps and light traps, and more.

Whether you run nursing homes, hospitals, schools, condos and apartment buildings, warehouses, churches, storage facilities, or more, we have the right solutions for your business.

How To Keep Ants Away From Your Bridgeton Home

Ants are ubiquitous in Bridgeton and Indiana in general. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to get rid of ants once they have established a nest or trail inside your home. Here are some tips to keep them away from your house:

  • Clean your home often. Because food and other debris are major attractants, keeping your home clean can help reduce ant populations. We recommend maintaining clean floors, wiping countertops, and storing food safely.
  • Seal as many entry points as possible. Remember that ants are tiny and can enter homes quickly and effortlessly. If you need help seeing where they might come in, a pest control professional can help you find and seal them.
  • Eliminate standing water. Water is a magnet for many pests. Fixing leaky pipes, eliminating standing water, and installing dehumidifiers can help. This strategy will also keep other invaders at bay, including rodents and mosquitoes.
  • Consult a professional. Persistent ant problems in your Bridgeton home can be infuriating. Speaking with a pest control professional who can identify the species and recommend appropriate ant control measures is often best.

If maintaining a clean and well-sealed environment is not enough, call us today to take action quickly and eliminate the infestation.

Why Fumigation Is An Excellent Solution For Bridgeton Businesses

Fumigation can be an excellent solution for Bridgeton businesses for several reasons, including the following:

  • Fumigation is excellent at eliminating pests. It is a particularly effective way to target hard-to-reach or hidden invaders. It is especially useful for businesses with large, complex spaces or who need a quick and thorough treatment strategy.
  • It is safe and targeted. You can apply fumigation to specific areas or items, which can help minimize the impact elsewhere. Additionally, when used by trained professionals, modern fumigants are safe for commercial properties.
  • Fumigation is fast and efficient. Fumigation is an effective strategy that allows businesses to resume normal operations as soon as possible and avoids the need to shut down for extended periods.
  • It is long-lasting. Fumigation provides extended pest control benefits to help prevent re-infestation and reduce the need for more involved pest control measures.

While fumigation in Bridgeton is often an excellent strategy, it may not be appropriate for all pests or businesses. Our Action Pest Control specialists can determine the most effective methods for your specific situation and use them safely. Call us today to learn more about available options.

Action Pest Control is your go-to choice for safe and effective pest control in Bridgeton, Indiana. Call us today to get started with a free home and business inspection. Soon, your pest problems will be a thing of the past for good.

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