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Fumigation Explained

March 28, 2016

fumigation tent

It doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner or a business owner or both. There is never a question of whether you should have pests eradicated from the premises. The only question is how to accomplish pest extermination in the most successful manner. Action Pest Control has been providing quality pest control solutions for homeowners and business owners for 70 years and has the answer to your question.

When contacting Action Pest Control, you will find that we have tailored solutions to meet each of your pest control needs. One of those solutions involves fumigation services. While it is not necessary for all applications, fumigation can be an excellent choice for a variety of structures, including individual residential homes. Action Pest Control technicians have successfully used fumigation in food plants as well as pharmaceutical plants. Other facilities in which fumigation methods have been used include warehouses, grain bins, flour mills, feed manufacturers, tractor trailers, railcar containers, barges, and single family homes. In addition to structural applications, fumigation methods have been used on furniture, antique clocks, and other similar items.

Action Pest Control professionals have used fumigation services effectively in the control of many pests such as bed bugs, spiders, rodents, and psocids. Fumigation is a process where chemicals are brought to a required temperature under pressure forming a gaseous state. The concentration of the chemical in this gaseous state is designed to be sufficient for the extermination of the targeted pest.

This fumigation technique is almost always 100% effective in the eradication of pest populations. This success is due to the gaseous material being able to reach every crevice or opening of any structure. Pests that have escaped into walls and other areas in which manual treatments are not effective can be reached through fumigation. One example of this involves the very evasive bed bug. Bed bugs are known to be able to hide inside wall receptacles and even behind baseboards and wall paper. Fumigation methods will reach even the most remote nook and cranny.

Fumigation methods of pest control must be done by highly trained professionals. It is not safe for people or pets to be in the building during fumigation. However, once the treatment is completed, it will be completely safe to return. The fumigant is odorless so a warning agent, chloropicrin, is released into the building to serve as a warning of the presence of sulfuryl fluoride in the building. A lingering presence of the warning agent may still be noticed once residents are allowed back into the building, but this will quickly dissipate and is harmless.

You can trust the state certified pest management professionals of Action Pest Control for all your needs including fumigation services.



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