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Everything You Should Know About Beetle Control In Indianapolis

a carpet beetle in a home

There are around 350,000 types of beetles globally and nearly 30,000 types living in the United States. Most beetles live outside and won't bother humans, but a handful will invade a home. While some beetles stay in specific climates, others are all over the country.

The damage beetles cause varies depending on the type. Knowing where beetles might feast and how to avoid them will ensure you don't suffer damage. Keep reading to learn more about home beetles and how pest control in Indianapolis can help.

What Is Causing Beetles To Come Inside My House?

Beetles in Indianapolis are like most pests, entering homes for food and shelter. These invaders will feast on food, carpets, and wood. In many cases, you might notice the damage caused before you see the beetle itself.

These insects also enter homes to find shelter, especially when it gets cold. Like other small insects, they find their way through cracks in the foundation or gaps around doors or windows. Once inside, they'll hide in several places, including the following:

  • Firewood
  • Furniture
  • Plants
  • Packages

If you notice beetles in your home, contact a local pest control company. The longer you wait, the more damage they'll cause.

The Damage Beetles Can Cause To Your Belongings

The danger of beetles on your Indianapolis property depends on what it consumes. Home beetles are looking for fabric, food, or wood to eat. Various beetles might enter your house in search of these products and can cause significant damage to your belongings in the process.

Of the fabric-consuming pests, it's most common to find carpet beetles in your home. This insect feeds on various materials that make up clothing, including wool, fur, felt, silk, feathers, skins, and leather. They usually avoid polyester and rayon but might attack those products if they contain wool.

Beetles that eat food are commonly called pantry beetles. There are various types of these beetles, and most have similar feeding habits. As the name suggests, you can find these insects inside a pantry where you store food.

Wood-boring beetles are the second-most dangerous insect to the wood in your home. The damage depends on factors that include the type of wood and the moisture in the wood. If these beetles make their way into your house, they can cause damage to floors, furniture, and hardwood paneling.

Why Do I Have Beetles In My Pantry?

While fabric and wood-infesting beetles cause damage to your property, pantry beetles will only eat your food. Sometimes called stored-product pests, these beetles enter the home through an infested package of food.

The type of food pantry beetles consume depends on the specific species. Most eat grain and nuts. However, the food in danger ranges from candies and cookies to chocolate. The types of beetles that might invade your pantry include the following:

  • Warehouse beetle
  • Sawtoothed grain beetle
  • Merchant grain beetle
  • Confused flour beetle
  • Red flour beetle
  • Drugstore beetle
  • Cigarette beetle

In most cases, pantry beetles quickly spread to other food packages. If you notice beetles in your pantry, you should carefully inspect all food packages and throw out any that contain these insects. Eradicating beetles can be difficult, but a trusted pest control company can help.

Why You Should Call The Pros About Beetles In Your Home

Beetles can cause damage to fabric or wood in your home and infest the food in your pantry. The best way to resolve the problem is with assistance from a professional Indianapolis home pest control company like Action Pest Control. We'll inspect your home to find all pests, provide treatments to remove them, and follow up to ensure they don't return. Call us today if you need pest removal from your home.