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Bed Bug Prevention Tips To Make Your Life Easier In Evansville

a bed bug up close

When you lay down to sleep, the last thing you want is to become a host for a tiny, blood-feeding insect crawling over your body. Your home should be a refuge and comfort, not a battle zone against bed bugs. 

If you find little red bumps on your arms, legs, back, and other places on your body, you may have bed bugs. Because bed bugs can multiply quickly, infesting your home and causing discomfort, you need the Evansville pest control team of Action Pest Control.

Simple Ways To Identify A Bed Bug Infestation

Once thought to be eradicated, bed bugs have returned with a vengeance. The signs of bed bug infestations in your Evansville home include: 

  • Small, itchy bites on your skin
  • Reddish-brown blemishes on mattresses, walls, and upholstery
  • Exoskeletons of bed bugs
  • Musty, sweet odor
  • Cream-colored eggs or empty eggshells
  • Bed bugs in the mattress folds

Bed bugs gravitate to any dark crevice, hole, or seam they can find. They can live in spaces no wider than a credit card! To know if you have bed bugs, look for signs of bed bugs behind the headboard, baseboards, around the buttons on mattresses, inside box springs, and picture frames. If you locate their hiding places, you will find an entire group of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are everywhere. They are in homes, cars, public vehicles, and shelters. When you return from traveling on public transportation, an overnight stay at a hotel, or spend time in an indoor public gathering, check your clothing and luggage for bed bugs before entering your home.

Three Reasons Bed Bugs Are Difficult To Get Rid Of

Bed bugs are among the most difficult pest to eliminate. According to a recent poll of pest control experts by the National Pest Management Association, 76% identified bed bugs as the most difficult pest to eradicate from homes. Here are three reasons it is tough to get rid of bed bugs:

  1. Bed bugs live in locations ranging from electrical outlets to bedding. If you fail to treat every crack, crevice, and household item, you will fail to eliminate the bugs.
  2. Bed bugs require special equipment to destroy them. Steam heat will kill bed bugs, but it has to be over 130?. Freezing them will kill too, but the temperature must be 0?. Many do-it-yourself products cannot produce these temperatures.
  3. Bed bug eggs and nymphs are difficult to detect. Although bed bugs are visible to the naked eye, their eggs and young can easily be overlooked when treating the home. 

After feeding on the host, a bed bug may stay in secluded spaces for several days before reemerging to eat again. When a bed bug finds a host, it will reproduce more bugs in the food source area.

Everyday Bed Bug Prevention Tips

The best way for bed bug control is to prevent them from entering your Evansville home. The following are prevention tips to keep your house bed bug free: 

  • Inspect luggage and clothing after returning from public places 
  • Check used furniture upon purchase
  • Vacuum out cracks and crevices regularly
  • Sweep floors consistently
  • Seal mattresses in plastic
  • Keep clothing picked up off the floor, and regularly wash and dry 

Consistently implementing these bed bug control techniques for your home will help prevent the infestation of bed bugs in your home.

Homeowner's Guide To Buying Bed Bug Control

Elimination of bed bugs requires professional assistance from our experts at Action Pest Control. We provide bed bug control near you, and we possess the special equipment needed to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. We know where to apply environmentally safe and effective treatments. Contact us today, and let us solve your bed bug problem.