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How Bad Are Odorous House Ants In My Indianapolis, IN Home?

odorous house ant on a plant

A plethora of insects and creatures exist, and many have several subspecies. Generally, people believe that each class is one and the same. In reality, there are often major differences. For example, variation with diet and habitat. One group may consume fellow pests and favor cooler temperatures, while another prefers plants and warmer weather. Not to mention, the dissimilarities in size, shape, and color. The most important aspect to keep in mind is the risk factors, which definitely apply to ants.

Some ants will destroy buildings or personal effects. An equal amount may send you to the emergency room because of bites or stings. One prevalent type in Indianapolis is odorous house ants. If you learn what makes them unique, you’ll be better prepared to combat them. Action Pest Control can help bolster your defense efforts. 

How Do Odorous House Ants Look And Behave? What Are the Hazards?

As their name suggests, odorous house ants frequently violate human dwellings. Being just 0.12 of an inch long, these brown or black insects are dainty. You might be able to identify them based on their strangely shaped thorax. Underneath stacks of wood, loose trees, and mulch is where they’ll be when outside. They’ll also creep beneath landscaping ties, planters, and rocks. Once they’re in need of warmth, moisture, and food, they’ll aim for your home. Cracks and crevices in foundations will be their passageways. Afterward, they’ll get comfortable in:

  • Structural voids
  • Floor gaps
  • Paneling
  • Water damaged wood
  • Heating or air conditioning units
  • Piping
  • Sinks
  • Carpeting

Part of why odorous house ants are challenging to deal with is that they move in masses and trails. This makes it nearly impossible to manage or eliminate these pests. If you see any at all, especially the workers or winged swarmers, you certainly have an infestation. Be prepared for a foul smell before smashing them; they emit a spoiled coconut scent upon being crushed. Beyond this, odorous house ants are a threat because they spread germs.

Regardless of species, ants harbor bacteria. Additional cells attach to them as they walk through plumbing, garbage, dirt, and other gross settings. Your food and surfaces will be tainted when they get to it. In the end, you or someone else may be exposed to salmonella, staph, and further illnesses.

What Are Ways to Prevent Odorous House Ants?

You have to increase your concern with maintaining your Indianapolis, IN property in order to successfully deter odorous house ants. Improving your cleaning routines, tidying up your yard, and examining your domicile’s exterior is needed by:

  • Patching up openings in doors, screens and windows, foundations, and utility lines
  • Adding sweeps on all exterior doors
  • Mowing the lawn and trimming the greenery on a routine basis
  • Distancing plants and flowers from your property by two feet 
  • Wiping up crumbs and food messes right away
  • Putting food and trash in airtight containers. Don’t forget about pet food 
  • Keeping your pantry and kitchen neat 
  • Regularly vacuuming and taking out the garbage 
  • Fixing moisture problems and leaks immediately 
  • Using ventilating fans in kitchens and bathrooms to regulate warmth. Also, use a dehumidifier overall

How Will Action Pest Control Handle Odorous House Ants?

Commercial products for ants are a waste of money and time. Most won’t resolve an infestation and they can be very noxious. The response to treatment can fluctuate by species as well. Try Action Pest Control instead. Our skilled ant control technicians will select an appropriate solution that is safe for humans, domestic animals, and vegetation. We have comprehensive plans and services that are affordable. Guard your place and protect your health! Call today and ask about a free, no-obligation inspection!