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The Trick To Keeping Pavement Ants Off Your Indianapolis Driveway

pavement ants in a drive way

If you have discovered pavement ants on your Indianapolis driveway, you already know what a nuisance they are. At Action Pest Control, we know just how frustrating these pests can be. Our pest control team will have your Indianapolis driveway clear from ants in no time with our proven methods and comprehensive treatment plans.

The best first step to take in ridding your property of pavement ants is entrusting Action Pest Control. With a single phone call, you can be sure your property will be pest-free for the long run.

How Do I Get Rid Of Pavement Ants On My Indianapolis Property?

By making a phone call to Action Pest Control, you are hiring one of the largest pest control companies in the Midwest region. We have the years of experience to know just what your Indianapolis property needs to remain free of pavement ants.

Our programs begin with a thorough inspection of your property inside and out, to check for any and all pests that may be troublesome. In the case of pavement ants, we will focus on the concrete areas of the yard, including your sidewalks, foundation, driveways, garages, and patios. We will continue with the creation of a comprehensive treatment plan, focused on the needs of your particular Indianapolis property. We will also continue our care with routine follow-ups to ensure your space remains ant-free for the long run.

What Attracts Pavement Ants In Your Indianapolis Home?

Despite the name, the pavement ant is attracted to more than your driveway. Pavement ants are attracted to many foods humans eat, such as meats, nuts, cheeses, honey, and bread. Pavement ants often come into the home to seek out these foods.

Pavement ants in Indianapolis also come into your home in order to find heat, nesting in walls, insulation, or even under floorboards. Even in the springtime, ants seek the warmth of your indoors to get out of cold evenings and rainy days.

How To Get Rid Of Pavement Ants Permanently In Indianapolis

Ultimately, the best way to get rid of pavement ants from your Indianapolis property is to entrust your space to the professionals. Action Pest Control has the years of experience to be sure your space is pest-free all year long. With one simple phone call, you will have the experience our professionals can provide to rid your home of pavement ants or any additional pests that may wreak havoc on your house and home.

The residents of Indianapolis can rest easy with the helping hands of Action Pest Control. Reach out today to get started on a free estimate, and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Indianapolis.