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The Best Way To Protect Your Louisville Home From Termites


The colonies of termites are humongous in size and hard to manage. It’s one of the many reasons why pest control in Louisville is so paramount for property owners. The chances of you catching these bugs before there’s evidence of termite damage are small. Wood-destroying insects aren't generally in plain view; they crawl in soil and inside of foundations.

Termite prevention, treatment, and restoration cost Americans $5 billion each year. Insurance companies don’t relieve any of the financial pressure. Get an understanding of the signs of termites inside your house and how you can respond appropriately. Moreover, you can learn about pest control in Louisville and what Action Pest Control can do to help you.

About The Termite Caste System

Termite caste systems consist of workers, soldiers, and swarmers. Many workers in this area are white or grayish-white and 0.12 of an inch long. Yellow-brown soldiers will attack with their enormous mandibles to prevent other threatening pests from interrupting duties. Another separating feature they have is their rectangular heads. Swarmers are reproductive termites, which is why they have wings. It would be tough to miss them, as they are a much larger ½ of an inch long. In terms of color, they are black, yellow, or brown. They’ll get themselves noticed by chasing light and landing on windows and fixtures.

Invasions by termites sometimes begin with wood on the ground, and the bugs will eagerly envelop any pieces they can find. Once the material is placed within a new structure or taken indoors, an infestation will be around the corner. Infiltrations can also occur when termites go into foundation holes. Bases, walls, and floors are liable to cave in as time passes. You or someone else might experience allergy complications. Without these critters, the environment can’t be; plants, trees, and soil receive core nutrients when they disfigure wood. Further, humans can eat them as a delicacy.

How Termites Silently Destroy A House

Again, termites in Louisville will be busy on the other side of the walls. Otherwise, they’ll be out in lawn soil; this is how homeowners miss them.

Considering this fact, keeping an eye out for infestation signs is crucial: 

  • Spotting swarmers or their discarded, scaly wings 
  • Discovering heaps of fecal frass in proximity to termite openings, maze patterns, and mud tubes
  • Having hollow-sounding walls 
  • Hearing soft noises from behind structures  
  • Bulging or stripping paint
  • Drywall that’s slumped or discolored
  • Wobbly tiles and succumbing floorboards   
  • Doors and tight-fitting window frames

Bring in professionals as soon as you detect evidence of termite damage.

Naturally Effective Termite Prevention Tips 

You can avoid signs of termites inside your house by putting effort into preventative measures

  • Refurbish or remove wood that is rotting or damaged.
  • Have leaks and moisture glitches repaired right away. 
  • Patch up gaps in foundations, caulk, and utilities.
  • Put screens on all exterior doors. 
  • Wash vents and gutters regularly.
  • Sit woodpiles and greenery at least two feet from the property. 
  • Make sure loose wood, like carpentry panels, aren’t on the soil.
  • Mow the lawn and trim the greenery on a routine basis.

These termite prevention tips can save you from the stress that termites cause.

The Most Effective Termite Protection And Control For Your Home

Expensive commercial insecticides and “do it yourself” tricks don’t have the reach to stop a termite infestation. The outcomes of these approaches are misleading. It will seem like it’s working, but it’s only temporary. In addition, the items could be toxic. 

We at Action Pest Control employ safer solutions that are industrial-grade. We use Termidor® products, Sentricon®, Termite Colony Elimination Systems, or Green Sentricon® stations; these are avenues to eradicate colonies. Guarantees and damage warranties are available. Call today for a free inspection and get started on our effective termite control services.