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What To Do If You Spot Brown Recluse Spiders On Your Lexington Property

brown recluse on the ground

The brown recluse spider is one of the most feared spiders in Lexington. These tiny, brown spiders are shy by nature and will only bite if they feel threatened.

While their bites are usually not fatal, they can cause serious medical problems. If you spot brown recluse spiders on your Lexington property, it's crucial to take action to prevent them from nesting there.

A licensed Lexington pest control company can help you eliminate these pests and keep them from coming back.

How To Identify Brown Recluse Spiders

The brown recluse is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous spiders in the US. To the untrained eye, they can be challenging to identify. 

Here are some of the key identifying features of brown recluse spiders:

  1. They have a small, dark brown body with a violin-shaped mark on their back.
  2. They have long, thin legs that are uniform in color.
  3. They have three pairs of eyes instead of four like most other spiders.

While brown recluse spiders are undoubtedly scary, there's no need to panic if you spot one on your property. Call a Lexington pest control company for assistance. With their help, you can keep your property spider-free.

The Dangers Of Brown Recluse Spiders On Your Property

While there may be different kinds of spiders on your property, brown recluse spiders are among the most dangerous. These spiders can be problematic for a few reasons:

  • They can bite humans: These bites can cause serious medical problems, including necrosis (death of tissue), organ damage, and even death in rare cases.
  • Other pests: Insects and other pests on your property will attract brown recluse spiders as these are their food of choice.
  • Bite pets: Brown recluse spiders may bite your pets if they feel threatened. These bites can be painful and cause serious medical problems.
  • Webs: These spiders often build webs in dark, secluded areas, like basements, attics, cellars. They also spin their webs in clothing, shoes, and storage boxes, to name a few.

As you can see, it's crucial to prevent brown recluse spiders from nesting on your property. Unlike your common house spiders, these spiders can pose a severe threat to your health and safety. 

Call a Lexington pest control company if you spot brown recluse spiders on your property. A professional can secure your property and keep these dangerous pests away.

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Brown Recluse Spiders

The recommended way to get rid of these spiders is to call a professional. They have the training, experience, products, and equipment necessary to safely and effectively remove brown recluse spiders

How To Keep Brown Recluse Spiders Away From Your Property

Commonly found in the Midwest and South, these spiders can turn up anywhere in the US. If you want to keep these dangerous pests away from your property, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Use peppermint spray for spiders
  2. Use spider traps
  3. Keep your home clean and clutter-free
  4. Try essential oils to kill spiders
  5. Reduce their number of hiding places

These steps will help deter them from residing in or around your home. But, for complete eradication of brown recluse spiders or any other pests in Lexington, contact Action Pest Control. 

We're certified by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and Indiana Pest Management Association (IPMA). Our team has the experience and expertise necessary to eliminate brown recluse spiders permanently. 

Don't wait until these dangerous pests have taken over your property. Contact us today for a free consultation.