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Pest Spotlight: How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles In Terre Haute

a carpet beetle up close

Fairly common pests in Terre Haute, you will likely encounter carpet beetles in your home. They have a great appetite for fabric, and you should be worried when you spot them in your home. 

The early signs of carpet beetles infestation should prompt you to take action before they cause additional damage. Whether you see carpet beetles in your mattress, shed larval skin, or fur falling off your carpets, take proactive steps to eliminate the pests. 

Reach out to Terre Haute pest control professionals to diagnose the severity of the problem and employ the most effective treatment.

What Is Causing These Carpet Beetles To Come Inside My House?

Like many other pests, carpet beetles will enter your home for food and shelter. Light and warmth usually draw them; once they enter your home, they will thrive and grow their populations fast. Carpet beetles in your house could enter your home by hitchhiking on your pets, flying inside through the windows and other openings, and through infested plants. Once they set camp in your house, they will not want to leave due to the odor of your clothes.

How Much Damage Can Carpet Beetles Do In My Home?

In addition to suffering from allergic reaction carpet beetle rash, having the pests in your home can cause you a lot of agony. They are among the most destructive pests, and you should control their spread as soon as you spot them.

Carpet beetle larvae in your home will cause the most damage as they feed on anything with natural fibers. They will eat upholstery, carpets, clothes, and other products in your home, causing considerably expensive damage. The larvae often hunt for food in the dark and hidden areas of your Terre Haute home, and their infestation is rapid. It is highly likely that their invasion to go unnoticed until there is extensive damage. The larvae can also feed on cereals, grains, and milled products, contaminating stored food and making it unfit for consumption.

While they may appear harmless, they take only a few weeks to cause widespread damage once they infest your home.

What Is Causing Carpet Beetles To Come Inside My House?

What attracts carpet beetles to your Terre Haute home? Provided your premises are warm, comfortable, and have the food supply the carpet beetles like, they will invade and stay. 

Items with animal proteins, like carpets, fleece, and blankets, are their ideal food source. They are usually attracted to these fabrics due to the perspiration, food, and oil they carry.The larvae can also feed on pet food.

Failure to dust or vacuum your home regularly creates the ideal environment for the pests to thrive. They also like to infest unkempt homes.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Carpet Beetles In My House?

The best way to get rid of carpet beetles is to make your home unattractive to them. Here are some simple practices that will steer carpet beetles away from your home:

  • Vacuum your home regularly: Debris, such as food, dead skin, fur, and hair on carpets and furniture, provide carpet beetle larvae with food.
  • Steam clean: Steam clean hard surfaces regularly to eliminate carpet beetles, their eggs, and larvae.
  • Inspect indoor plants: Inspect your indoor plants for beetles and wipe them down.
  • Seal openings: Seal gaps on windows and doors to prevent adult beetles from flying into your house.
  • Call professionals: If you have an active infestation, your best bet to get rid of carpet beetles is to let the experts handle them. 

Effective beetle invasion control requires a detailed evaluation of the extent of the infestation. At Action Pest Control, we have proactive control services to eliminate and prevent carpet beetle infestations.