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Stay Ahead Of A Termite Problem In Your Indianapolis Home

a termite on the ground

There are few pests that can be as costly and destructive as the termite. At Action Pest Control, we know just how expensive the damages can be. These tiny pests can cause significant and costly repairs in your home. The best advice we have is to get ahead of your termite problem and stop it before it starts. Our pest control for the Indianapolis area is one of the largest pest management companies in the Midwest, specializing in pest control tailored to your needs.

What Are The Types Of Termites In Indianapolis?

There are four main types of termites found in the Indianapolis area. The most common termites found here are the subterranean termites; however, there are other types that can be found, including:

  • Subterranean termites: As the name implies, these termites live underground, and are the most destructive of the species.
  • Dampwood termites: These are common in wooded areas with high levels of moisture. These are usually larger in size than the other types found in Indianapolis.
  • Drywood termites: A more rare variety for the area, these termites prefer wood that is older and dry, such as that in an attic. They live in colonies of 2,500 members or more. These termites will also swarm on warm days in the summer after a rise in temperatures.
  • Formosan termites: Known as "super termites," these are the most aggressive of the termite types and live in very large colonies of up to 350,000 members. They have massive mud nests built into the ground.

With our years of experience, we can help you quickly identify the pests in your home. We recommend if you have seen any signs of these costly pests to contact Action Pest Control immediately. We are here to help you determine exactly what pest you are dealing with and how to best eliminate them from your home.

How Long Does It Take For Termites To Destroy A Home In Indianapolis?

Termites can cause damage to your Indianapolis home from day one. Eating away at the wood in your home is an expensive form of destruction. Wood is a common material for integral framework, support beams, windowsills, door frames, and baseboards. Within three years, termites can destroy a home to the point of making it unsafe to live in due to the level of risk. Truly eating away at your home’s structure is an unsafe and scary way to have a pest enter your property. 

Why Termite Control In Indianapolis Is Necessary

Once you understand the destruction level these tiny pests can cause, it is no question that termites must be eliminated from your home. The cost of repairs is just one major concern. Termites cause damage to your house in a number of ways. If left unchecked, termites can destroy what is likely your biggest asset, making your home uninhabitable once these pests eat away at the structural wood. At Action Pest Control, we know how much damage termites can cause in a short amount of time, and we're here to help you stop a termite infestation as quickly as possible. 

Is There A Way To Prevent Termites In Indianapolis?

The best way to prevent termites in Indianapolis is to call Action Pest Control immediately. We can begin our assessment with a free estimate of your property. Our pest control methods come from years of experience. We will inspect your space, inside and out, and recommend a comprehensive treatment plan to ensure termites are eliminated forever. Our routine follow-up visits will ensure your Indianapolis home is pest-free.