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Fall Wildlife Problems Around Owensboro, KY — How You Can Prepare

a raccoon on a roof top

Kentucky wildlife can be fascinating to observe from a distance. But when big furry animals start to infest your property, the magic of the natural world loses its charm pretty fast. Having wildlife inhabit your home or business can lead to damage, disease, and possible attacks. As the seasons change once again, you ought to know how to prevent fall wildlife problems in Owensboro.

Wildlife In Owensboro

From bears to deer to eagles, Kentucky is home to a diverse population of woodland creatures. But some of these critters prefer the comforts of civilization over the rugged wilderness. Some common wildlife that may infest your Owensboro property include:

  • Opossums – These marsupials can be found nesting beneath porches, in attics, and sheds. While they help control your local tick population, they can still spread parasites and cause diseases like leptospirosis and tularemia. 
  • Raccoons- are known to raid trash cans and tear through screen doors in their quest for food. These pests may look cute but can be highly aggressive and will not hesitate to bite. Raccoons can spread rabies and may even kill small pets. 
  • Squirrels – These bushy-tailed rodents are a huge nuisance. When squirrels nest indoors, they make an awful ruckus, destroy property, and may even spread disease through their droppings. 

Why You’ve Got Wildlife On Your Property

As summer turns to fall and fall turns to winter, food becomes more scarce for wildlife. While some animals, like bears, solve this dilemma by hibernating, most others must continue to seek food throughout the colder seasons. Food is harder to come by in the forests and the mountains, but there’s always plenty to eat in human homes and businesses. Birdseed, trash, and even pet food in your yard can all bring hungry wildlife to your property.

And, of course, wild critters want to stay warm in the fall and winter. A hollow tree or burrow is a nice option, but it hardly compares to the luxury of your attic, shed, or barn. Your property offers protection from the elements and a safe place to shelter until spring.

How To Prevent Wildlife Problems In Owensboro

Once wildlife infests your property, they can be challenging to remove without the help of a professional. A few ways you can help to prevent wildlife problems on your Owensboro property are:

  • Reducing available food: Rake up any birdseed, nuts, or fruit that may fall in your yard. If you absolutely must store pet food outdoors, be sure it’s locked away in a secure container with a heavy lid. Keep trash cans covered at all times and at least 20 feet away from your home or business.
  • Closing entrances: Inspect your property for signs of damage or visible openings and repair as needed. Metal mesh offers good protection against rodents and other gnawing pests. Be sure to lock any pet doors and considering installing a chimney cap.
  • Doing yard work: Simply removing yard waste like leaf piles, rotten logs, and dead brush can discourage all sorts of pests from inhabiting your property. If possible, try trimming any tree branches coming in contact with your roof. 

Nothing Beats Professional Wildlife Control

If you’ve spotted signs of a wildlife infestation on your Owensboro property, don’t try to handle it yourself. Without the proper skills and strategy, you could end up bitten, scratched, and possibly sick. That’s why if you’ve got wildlife problems, you can trust your friends at Action Pest Control. We’ll safely remove any critters infesting your property and keep them from returning ever again. Contact us today for more details on our home pest control services.