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Comprehensive Guide To Pest-Proofing Your Louisville, KY Home For Fall

a home in need of pest proofing

Fall might be the best season, or at least in the top four. But while the return of sweater weather and pumpkin lattes might be cause for celebration, the return of pests indoors is definitely not. This fall, don’t let bugs and rodents overrun your property. Here’s everything you need to know to pest-proof your Louisville home for fall.

Common Pests That Come Indoors In The Fall

Colder weather causes all sorts of pests to seek warmth and shelter as fall arrives. While some of these pests are just as likely to be found indoors during the spring and summer months, their presence may become more apparent in autumn.

Some common culprits to infest your home in the fall months are:

  • Spiders
  • Mice
  • Cockroaches
  • Beetles (stinkbugs, ladybugs, boxelder bugs)
  • Bees

Bed bug infestations may also see a spike during the fall, but this has more to do with students heading back to school and families traveling on vacation than any blood-sucking pests intentionally seeking shelter.

How To Pest-Proof Your Louisville Home

When it comes to preventing pests around the home, the simplest strategies are usually the most effective. You can certainly invest time and money into over-the-counter solutions for specific pests if you want, but these tried and true pest-proofing methods will provide a surprising amount of protection from unwanted bugs and rodents.

Ways you can prevent pests from infesting your home this fall include:

  • Closing entry points: Examine the exterior of your home for any cracks and seal with silicone caulk. Replace any damaged door sweeps or weather stripping. Stuff any holes with steel wool and patch larger gaps or cracks with metal plates or metal mesh to prevent rodents. 
  • Doing housework: Keep up with housework to eliminate food debris that attracts pests. Mop, sweep, and vacuum floors and wipe down countertops where food is prepared or eaten. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight.
  • Storing food: Protect your pantry from infestation by keeping perishable foods stored in sturdy containers. Plastic containers are okay, but metal and glass containers with locking lids offer the best protection.
  • Doing yard work: Remove any yard waste like dead leaves, rotting logs, or piles of sticks. Relocate any firewood at least 20 feet away from home and store it on an elevated platform. 
  • Disposing of trash: Don’t let trash pile up indoors. Throw away your garbage regularly, and be sure that your trash cans are always covered and kept at least 20 feet away from your home.

Why Nothing Beats Professional Pest Control

Prevention is the most important step in pest control, but prevention methods won’t help once an infestation develops. When you’ve got sneaky pests like cockroaches, only professional pest control services can properly solve the problem.

Home-invading pests like to gather and breed where you can’t see. Without intervention, populations can grow quickly, and before you know it, you’re spending the holidays with a house full of unwanted guests. Professional pest control technicians know how to properly identify pest problems and have the equipment and experience to eliminate infestations at the source.

Call Your Friends At Action Pest Control

If your fall pest-proofing efforts should fail, your friends at Action Pest Control are ready to help. When you choose our ongoing residential pest control services, you’ll get the complete treatment possible for your money. We’ll get rid of any pests you may have and repel any more pests foolish enough to try to infest your home again.

Whether it’s spiders, rodents, roaches, termites, or anything in between, Action Pest Control has the solution to your fall pest problems. Contact us today for more information.