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Is This Spider In My Jasper, IN Home Dangerous?

a spider in a house

Most people have an innate fear of spiders. When it comes to eight-legged creatures, there's just something that makes individuals want to run and hide. But, in reality, most spiders don't pose a threat to people. There are only a few spiders in Jasper, IN that have the ability to bite and harm humans. Learn how to tell which spiders are dangerous and which ones are harmless.

The Most Common Spiders In Jasper

Throughout Indiana, there are a few common home-invading spiders. Perhaps the most likely spider to get into your home is the common house spider. This arachnid has a rounded abdomen and Is usually tan or gray. About the size of a nickel, the house spider has an intimidating appearance but poses no threat to humans.

If you ever see a spider that seems to be all legs, you're probably looking at a daddy longlegs. Another innocent arachnid, the daddy longlegs is more of a nuisance than anything. It tends to hang out in quiet corners and garages

As you may already know, Black Widows are also in the area. The female black widow has a bright red hourglass marking and a highly toxic venom. Although it prefers to be away from people, it sometimes ends up inside structures.

The Brown Recluse could also be lurking in your home, but it can't survive in the cold. Like the black widow, this spider is known for a distinctive marking. It has a violin shape on its back, and the spider is usually brown in color. If this spider bites you, the venom could result in a painful reaction.

The Most Dangerous Spiders in Jasper

After everything is said and done, there are really only two Jasper spiders you need to worry about - black widows and brown recluses. Both spiders like outdoor living, but have been known to wander indoors in search of food.

Similarly, these spiders aren't eager to bite. They will, however, bite you if they think you're a threat. A female black widow's protecting her egg sac is particularly aggressive. If you accidentally put your hand near a brown recluse, it might bite you in defense.

A black widow bite could cause muscle tightness or chest pain. Meanwhile, a brown recluse bite could result in a painful ulcer. In either case, you should see a doctor. Bites from these Jasper spiders can come with serious complications.

Preventing All Spiders

Whether you want to keep dangerous spiders away or you'd prefer to keep all spiders far from your property, there are a few steps you can take:

  • Clean Regularly: How often do you clean your home? If you don't make an effort to tidy up every day, you could have spiders in your home. Crumbs attract insects, and those insects attract spiders. By wiping off surfaces and cleaning off counters, you make your home less appealing to arachnids.
  • Seal Entrances: Spiders may be content to remain outside if you make it difficult for them to get inside. To start your spider prevention efforts, check your home for cracks and other openings. Seal them up and make sure your screens have no rips and tears.
  • Knock Down Webs: When you notice webs appearing in your home, knock them down. Spiders will continue to build webs, but they may get discouraged. Just be cautious about coming into contact with any spiders. 

Work With Professionals

If you want to keep out brown recluse spiders and other pests out of your home, work with us at Action Pest Control. Our team has dedicated years to keeping Jasper residents safe from spiders. We offer ongoing home and commercial pest control services that prevent and eliminate pests from your home. Call us today to learn more.