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Are The Wasps Around My Terre Haute, IN Property Dangerous?

wasps on a big nest

Terra Haute, Indiana, is no stranger to stinging insects like wasps. Often confused with bees, wasps are aggressive stinging insects with distinguishable features such as their narrow waist that help identify them. Common wasp species in the area are yellow jackets, bald-faced hornets, paper wasps, potter wasps, and mud daubers.

Yellowjackets, baled-faced hornets, and paper wasps are what are known as social species. These three species are aggressive when they feel threatened and will swarm in large numbers. On the other hand, potter wasps and mud daubers are solitary species that can sting but rarely do.

Pros And Cons Of Wasps

Although dangerous, wasps in Terre Haute are not entirely bad. Wasps are an essential part of the ecosystem and are beneficial to the environment. The following are two pros that wasps provide for people:

  • Predation- Social species like yellow jackets control other pests like caterpillars, which attack crops ruin crops. Without wasps, our gardens and yard would be overrun with spiders and other insects.
  • Pollination- Unlike bees, wasps are not known for their pollinating abilities, although some do. Still, wasps are essential pollinators and a necessary part of a thriving ecosystem.

The cons of wasps are more evident than the pros, as anyone that grew up in an area with them knew the potential danger. Even if they are beneficial for the environment, wasps still pose a real threat to people, pets, and especially those allergic. You don’t have to be allergic to wasps to be dangerous because they can sting multiple times. Their aggressive and territorial nature is enough to make this insect unwanted on ant Terre Haute, IN property.

Discouraging Wasps

It is nearly impossible to keep any insect entirely off your property, but there are things you can do to discourage them from trying to establish themselves on the property. Try the following tips if you want to discourage wasps from establishing themselves on your property:

  • Trim hedges to keep wasps from building their nests inside. This also helps to check for nests regularly; be sure to take the proper precautions.
  • Remove food sources on your property. This includes picking up rotten fruit, keeping hummingbird feeders on the outskirts of your property, and cleaning up after eating outside.
  • Seal garbage cans properly. Any rotting food will tempt wasps, so it is essential to keep garbage and compost piles properly maintained and closed.
  • Keep doors and windows shut and make sure screens do not have holes in them as they can get in through the smallest of holes. This also goes for the garage, shed, and other indoor areas. 
  • Fill in any holes in the ground, both in the grass and cement. Ground holes provide a place for solitary wasps to nest.
  • Properly maintain flowering plants by not over watering and allowing them to over flower.

Routinely checking for nests is an integral part of keeping wasps from establishing themselves. Finding nests early on allows for intervention and makes removal easier. However, removal should be done by professionals as it is a dangerous task.

Professional Wasp Control

If you find a nest on your property, do not try to remove it yourself, even if you believe it to be inactive, contact Action Pest Control for its safe removal or more prevention assistance. Action Pest Control offers stinging insect control services in which professionals identify the species, point out conditions that attract them to your property, and determine the best way to eliminate them. Let Action Pest Control keep your Terre Haute, Indiana property safe. Call us today!