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Why Are There Bugs In My Louisville Home In The Middle Of Winter?

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Come wintertime, when the weather outside is frightful, our Louisville homes start to look pretty delightful. . . to pests, that is. That’s right, even in the middle of winter, you can face a pest problem in your home. Many people are shocked to find pests in their home in the heart of winter, but it does happen. These pests are referred to as overwintering pests, or pests that move indoors when the weather begins to turn cold. You will need to start taking preventative measures before it’s too late. Better yet, year-round pest control can help to keep your home pest-free, all year-round.

What Are Some Common Overwintering Pests?

Although there are a number of pests that could be considered overwintering pests, some common overwintering pests around our area include box elder bugs, stink bugs, flies, and rodents. Box elder bugs are small black insects with red or orangish outlined wings. Stink bugs have a shield-like appearance and are a mottled gray color. If smashed, stink bugs will release a foul-smelling odor. House flies that appear are dark gray in color with compound red eyes. Rodents, which includes mice and rats, are furry animals that can be anywhere from a few inches to almost a foot long. They have tails, ears, and large front teeth.

Are Overwintering Pests Dangerous?

Although some overwintering pests like box elders and stink bugs are considered to be nuisance pests, house flies and rodents can be dangerous. Both can spread a variety of harmful bacteria and pathogens throughout our homes. Regardless of whether the overwintering pests you’re facing are dangerous or not, you don’t want them in your home.

Why Do Overwintering Pests Come Inside?

Although these pests mainly live outside, like us, they cannot survive outdoors when the weather gets to be too cold. They will seek refuge in the warm environments of our homes and this typically takes place in the fall when they can still survive outside but are searching for their winter home. If you spot pests in your home in the middle of the winter, they have likely been there, living in the voids of the home, for several months.

What Are The Best Ways To Prevent Overwintering Pests?

In order to prevent overwintering pests, you need to start being proactive about removing attractants and shoring up your home in the fall. This means:

  • Storing trash in bins with tight-fitting lids
  • Taking out the trash regularly
  • Storing food in airtight containers if not in the fridge
  • Keeping countertops and floors free of food debris and spills
  • Fixing leaky pipes and fixtures throughout your home
  • Using dehumidifiers to address moisture issues around your home
  • Sealing any cracks in your home’s foundation
  • Covering up any holes around your home’s exterior such as around vents and utility pipes
  • Installing weather-stripping around windows and exterior doors
  • Installing door sweeps under exterior doors

The best method for ensuring your home is pest-free come wintertime is by partnering with the professionals at Action Pest Control for ongoing pest control services.

What To Do If Overwintering Pests Infest Your Home?

If you find pests infesting your home this winter, contact the home pest control professionals here at Action Pest Control so you then relax and get back to enjoying the warmth and comfort of your Louisville home. However, you should consider nipping the problem in the bud by utilizing one of the several ongoing pest control treatment plans that we offer to ensure your home is pest-free no matter what season it is. It’s your home! Don’t let the pests make it their home this winter. Call the experts at Action Pest Control today!