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Eleven Simple Tricks To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Indianapolis Home

a chip munk near a home

Here in Indianapolis, rodents are just a part of life. In fact, rodents live practically everywhere that humans do. That’s because rodents have come to rely upon us humans as a source for food. However, just because rodents live around us, it doesn’t mean we need to let them live in our homes. After all, they spread disease and can be damaging to properties and that’s why some rodent prevention measures in Indianapolis will help to keep you and your family safe from these furry pests. 

What Do Rodents Look Like?

Odds are, you’ve probably seen a rodent or two in your life. The most common rodents here in Indianapolis are mice and rats. While mice are brown or dust gray and grow to be about three inches, rats are brown, gray, or black and can grow to be nearly a foot long. Additionally, rats have much longer tails than mice do. However, rat tails are devoid of fur while the tails of mice are covered in a felt-like fur. Both rats and mice have large front teeth that grow throughout their lives. 
To keep their teeth from overgrowing, rodents will chew on objects. When rodents invade homes, they can damage a myriad of objects. They can chew wires, pipes, shelves, furniture, and even clothing. In addition to this, rodents can spread diseases and contaminate the surfaces of a home with their saliva, urine, and feces. Some diseases that rodents have been known to spread include hantavirus, leptospirosis, plague, salmonellosis, and rat-bite fever.

Why Do I Have A Rodent Problem?

There are several reasons why rodents might enter your home, the primary one being the availability of food and shelter. Things like improper food storage, improper trash storage, and not cleaning up spills or crumbs could all be factors in attracting rodents into your home. Rodents also enter your home simply because there are easy ways in. This means holes in your foundation, holes on your roof, or other cracks and openings around your home could provide rodents with entry into your home. Even if the holes seem small, remember rodents can fit through practically any hole.  

Eleven Tricks To Keep Rodents Out Of Your House?

To keep rodents out of your home, you need to remove any factors that might attract them inside and seal off any potential entry points. To accomplish this, you need to:

  1. Throw away or store all leftover food
  2. Store food in airtight containers if not in the fridge
  3. Take out your trash before it overflows
  4. Store trash in containers with tight-fitting lids
  5. Clean up any spills or crumbs from countertops or floors
  6. Refrain from keeping dirty dishes stacked in your sink for long periods
  7. Fix any leaky pipes or faucets around your home
  8. Seal any cracks in the foundation of your home
  9. Cover any holes around your home’s exterior such as around utility pipes and vents
  10. Cover holes under eaves and on the roof
  11. Trim back branches from around your home’s exterior

How Do I Get Rid Of A Rodent Infestation?

The only surefire way to get rid of rodents from your home is by partnering with the rodent control experts here at Action Pest Control. Our rodent control process consists of three parts: inspection, treatment, and exclusion. This means we’ll perform a diligent inspection of your property to determine species and habits, as well as problem areas. Then we will implement a treatment protocol based on which rodents you are dealing with. Finally, with the permission of the homeowner, we will perform minor rodent exclusion to block off any entry points. Don’t let rodents make a home out of yours. Give Action Pest Control a call today!