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Why Are There So Many Spiders In My Indianapolis Home?

a black widow spider on a plant

When the colder winter weather rolls around in Indianapolis, it’s easy to assume that pests such as spiders just go away and die. But, this isn’t actually true.

Spiders don’t all die off in the winter. Instead, they have their very own antifreeze system that allows them to survive even harsh weather conditions. Their bodies slow down and enter diapause, which is a phase where they don’t move around as often or need to eat as much.

Because of this, they might not be seen as often during the winter, but this doesn’t mean they are gone. They also don’t come indoors to seek shelter. While many pests will do this once fall hits, spiders don’t need warmth to survive. However, there is one main reason why spiders will get inside Indianapolis homes when it’s cold.

Why Spiders Invade Homes In The Winter

While it might be great if spiders disappeared for part of the year, this isn’t what happens. Spiders will come inside in pursuit of their pest prey, and this can happen during the fall and even during winter.

However, the main reason you’ll start to see more spiders in Indianapolis in the wintertime than before is that they’ve been there all along. They’ve likely been living inside your home in areas you don’t see, such as behind walls or in other voids. Then, as they reproduce and the infestation grows, you will start to see them more frequently.

With these factors in mind, knowing how to prevent spiders from coming indoors is key. Preventive measures during the fall are ideal, but there are also things you can do throughout the year to deter spiders.

Spider Prevention Tips For Your Indianapolis Home

To keep these scary-looking arachnids away from your home and to keep them from overwintering inside, there are some prevention tips you can follow. These measures will help keep spiders at bay as well as the small insects that they seek to consume.

Here is where to start:

  • Seal up cracks and crevices in the walls and the foundation. You can use caulk and insulation products.
  • Check and ensure that screens in doors and windows are intact.
  • Underlying pest problems bring spiders in, so make sure to prevent insects by cleaning up food and drink spills immediately and keeping kitchens clean. Ensure that floors are kept swept and mopped and that dirty dishes are done regularly.
  • Many spiders will hide in woodpiles. Keep any wood stacked neatly and stored at least 30 feet away from the house.
  • Install door sweeps and weather stripping throughout the home.

Of course, the most effective solution is to get help from Indianapolis home pest control experts to both prevent spiders from coming inside and remove them if an infestation has already occurred.

Why Removing Spiders Is Difficult Without Assistance

Once spiders are inside, they can be a challenge to eradicate. This is because they will likely come back unless the other underlying pest issues are removed, too. Luckily, the professionals at Action Pest Control can remove both of these pest problems. We will eliminate spiders and their prey and ensure they don’t come back with our ongoing treatment plans.

Learn more about keeping spiders out with our residential and commercial pest control services in Indianapolis, by giving us a call today.