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Are Camel Crickets In Indianapolis Dangerous?

a camel cricket in a house

Indianapolis is not just a city of skyscrapers and shiny office buildings. It offers residents and visitors alike a wide variety of activities. The city is alive and popping! Activities ranging from escape rooms, arcades, biking trails, state parks, fishing, and even gondola rides are available to those looking for fun and adventure. One species of insect that is not a lover of bright and active places is the camel cricket. While you may be out and about Indianapolis having fun, these crickets can be quietly invading your property looking for dark, dank places where moisture is abundant.

What Everyone In Indianapolis Should Know About Camel Crickets

Camel crickets prefer to live outdoors. Also known as cave crickets, they are nocturnal (active at night) which means they hide during the daytime. Their coloration is light to dark brown, sometimes with lighter or darker areas. These wingless crickets can grow to between 13 to 33 mm. Their large hind legs and lengthy antennae help them navigate in dark environments.

Some likely places you might find camel crickets in and around your home include:

  • Around the base of building foundations
  • Under air conditioner units
  • Under sheds
  • Around wells
  • Around drainage pipes.
  • In other cool, moist places like underneath woodpiles, stones, railroad ties, mulch, and other debris

Camel crickets in Indianapolis can be hard to detect since they do not chirp. Property owners usually see them when they are frightened and leap; which is their only way to scare off predators.

Camel Crickets In Indianapolis Are A Nuisance But Not Dangerous

Camel crickets do not pose health risks to humans or their pets, and they are not poisonous. More good news is that they are not known to carry any diseases, and because they do not have fangs, they do not have the ability to bite. On the downside, when it gets hot and dry outside, camel crickets will seek shelter inside your residence.

Once these camel crickets gain access to your residence, they tend to group together in large quantities and can become quite a nuisance. With large populations infesting your residence, the camel cricket can cause damage to your property when looking for food sources.

Some of the things camel crickets will look for to eat in your home include:

  • Carpets
  • Fungi
  • Cardboard
  • Wood
  • Other insects
  • And even other camel crickets

Camel Cricket Prevention Techniques For Your Indianapolis Property

Since camel crickets love dark and moist areas, property owners should take steps to minimize conditions that attract camel crickets. Some of the best ways to reduce attracting factors for camel crickets around your home are as follows:

  • Fix poor draining issues and leaks.
  • Use a dehumidifier to stop moisture buildup indoors.
  • Seal all possible points of entry around your home.
  • Keep basements, attics, and crawl spaces adequately ventilated.
  • Keep garbage cans away from your home.
  • Keep grass mowed short especially close to the home.
  • Clear yards of moist harborage areas.
  • Declutter moisture-prone areas such as garages and basements.

The Best Way To Fight A Camel Cricket Infestation

If you believe you have a camel cricket infestation on your property, the best way to get rid of these nuisance pests is by calling our licensed Indianapolis pest control professionals at Action Pest Control. The professionals at Action Pest Control are ready to help property owners develop a plan to eradicate pesky camel crickets. Contact Action Pest Control today for swift and effective solutions to these quiet invaders.