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What You Should Do About Bird Problems Around Owensboro

three ugly pigeons

When you consider the pests that typically cause problems around your home or business, you probably think about roaches or rats. Maybe you envision the time you left birthday cake on the kitchen counter only to wake up to an army of ants scurrying all over it. Or maybe you think about mosquitos. But mosquitos aren’t the only flying pests that cause problems for Owensboro residents. While you may consider birds to be welcome on your property rather than problematic, they can create more issues than you might think.

Problematic Birds Of Owensboro

Even though birds can be an enjoyable piece of nature around our homes and businesses, there are three types of birds that most people consider pests because of the problems they cause. Owensboro homes and businesses are commonly plagued by pigeons, starlings, and sparrows, especially in the downtown area.

If you have a pigeon problem, you’ll notice their grey bodies and grey bills. Their distinguishing feature is the green color from the neck up. Almost all pigeons have a color variation on their head from their main body color. Since they’re so quick in flight, they’re very difficult to catch and they can be dangerous when attacking.

Starlings are usually completely black or dark in color all over their bodies. One of the most prevalent songbirds in North America, these common nuisances are found all over the United States. You can tell a starling from its short tail and long bill.

Sparrows are a bit smaller, yet they sport a robust chest. Most sparrows are a mix of grey, brown, and tan. Their colors are more vibrant out in the wild but tend to appear duller in urban settings.

The presence of these birds in the urban areas of Owensboro is quite problematic because of the threats they pose to health and property. Birds are destructive to the roofs of buildings as their acidic droppings compromise the integrity of the roof.

They can also form large nests in gutters, which interrupts water flow and can lead to severe damage. All three species of birds are known disease carriers. Their droppings can be contaminated and have been known to spread bacteria and disease, and contact with birds themselves can lead to sicknesses and parasites. Plus, these birds can get violent when there is food involved, and bird attacks can be dangerous.


If you search the Internet for do-it-yourself techniques or devices, you’ll find a number of options. Notice the word “options” does not necessarily mean “good options” or “viable options.” None of these options are actually solutions. Decoys used to scare away birds don’t typically work on pigeons, and neither do mothballs and special scents. Once a bird has roosted on your roof, almost nothing can scare them off for good. Sound emitters are typically the most high-tech method of prevention, but most owners report inconsistent results for those as well.

Furthermore, getting close to birds for other scare tactics is risky, resulting in attack or disease contraction. If you want to stay safe while actually fixing the problem, seek professional help. Instead of wasting your time and money (or risking your own health), contact Action Pest Control to learn more about our pest bird control program. This unique program has been keeping home and business owners safe from the threat of birds for years, and we’d love to take care of you as well.