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Is There More Than One Type Of Mosquito In Evansville?

a mosquito eating blood

There are about 55 different species of mosquitoes in Indiana. Of those, 12 to 15 pose a significant threat to the health of the public. This includes vector species such as some of the Culex mosquitoes capable of transmitting the West Nile virus. A “vector” is a transmitting mosquito, meaning it can transmit viruses to humans. Many of these viruses are capable of causing disease and even death in humans. In addition to the West Nile virus, vector species can transmit LaCrosse encephalitis virus, St. Louis encephalitis virus, and both western and eastern equine encephalitis virus. Some of the types of mosquitos you may be familiar with include the Asian Tiger mosquito and the Aedes Egyptian mosquito. Both of these mosquitoes can transmit viruses. The Aedes Egyptian mosquito can transmit yellow fever, dengue, chikungunya, and Zika fevers while the Asian Tiger has been shown to transmit many diseases, including West Nile virus, eastern equine encephalitis, and dengue fever.

Can You Keep Mosquitos Out of Your Yard?

There are many lotions on the market that claim to repel mosquitos. Some work, others don’t, but finding the right product can be hit or miss. There are also many devices claiming to keep mosquitos away from your yard. Again, it’s hit or miss. Zappers and other devices might sound good, but many of them are gimmicky. Here are some tips that work in the real world:

  1.  Keep your yard free of debris. Mosquitoes are attracted to trash. A clean yard will help cut down on the mosquito population. Old tires, newspapers, cardboard, and other “stuff” we sometimes leave laying around can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The less debris in the yard, the better off you are.
  2. Get rid of standing water. It will draw more mosquitos. Water in unused swimming pools, drainage systems, and water puddling up in uneven parts of the yard are all capable of attracting more mosquitos. Mosquitos lay eggs in water, so eliminating water will help reduce the ability of mosquitoes to reproduce. Mosquitoes don't require a lot of water so eliminating any water source, including hoses that dribble a tiny amount of water, will go a very long way toward reducing the population of mosquitos on your property. Even outside pet water dishes can increase the threat. If there is water you can’t drain, such as swimming pools, make sure it is properly treated and chlorinated, and always use a pool filter.
  3. Try to screen in areas where you spend time outdoors. Fine mesh screens can work wonders for cutting down on the mosquito population.
  4. Find a repellent that works and use it when you are outside.
  5. Keep gutters clean and get rid of piles of leaves that can become wet. This is another source of attraction for mosquitos.
  6. Use fans in areas where you spend time.
  7. Mow your yard and keep weeds pulled.

Professional Help from Action Pest Control

As hard as you try, mosquitos are going to be present. We’ve given you some great tips for at least cutting down on the population of mosquitoes in your yard and reducing the health risks associated with them. Unfortunately, it’s hard to manage a mosquito population without professional help. The experts at Action Pest Control are standing by to help you now. We have the experience and the professional approach it takes to help you keep mosquitos away from your yard.  We look forward to helping you get rid of mosquitos today.