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Little-Known Ways To Keep Ants Out Of Your Indianapolis Home

an ant up close

Ants in Indianapolis are fascinating creatures and can be cool when observed in a contained environment. Some individuals have spent hundreds of dollars to have ant habitats inside their home. However, even these ant lovers don’t like the idea of having ants roaming freely in their house. They know that, although interesting to watch, ants can be a huge problem if not contained. Whether you are an ant lover or not, we are here today to help you understand how you can keep these troublesome pests out of your Indianapolis home.

When Do Ants Become A Problem?

Ants are not year-round pests here in Indianapolis. When winter falls, ants go into hiding. It isn’t until spring that they reemerge and start causing trouble once again. With spring right around the corner, this makes right now the best time to start thinking about ant prevention.

What Attracts Ants To A Home?

There are many different species of ants that could get into your home this spring, each has its own reason to do so. Some ants are attracted by dirty homes that provide them with a vast amount of options for food. Other ants are forced into homes by inclement weather such as thunderstorms, or snow. There is even one species of ant that invades so that it can create nests deep within your home’s wood.

How Ants Get Inside

We do our best to keep our homes tightly sealed but are prone to miss a gap or crack here and there. If your home’s exterior has openings that ants can fit through, you can be sure they will try to use them to get inside. Common entry points for ants include cracks in your home’s foundation, torn window screens, damage to weather stripping, and gaps/damage across your home’s exterior. Even if all of these entry points are sealed, ants can still use open doors and windows to get inside.

How You Can Prevent Ants

To keep ants out of your Indianapolis home, here are some prevention tips we recommend.

  • Seal gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation using a caulking gun.
  • Clean inside regularly, making sure not to neglect under large appliances such as stoves, dishwashers, and refrigerators.
  • Store leftover foods inside airtight containers and be careful not to leave food out on countertops or kitchen tables.
  • Keep your home and yard free of clutter as much as possible.
  • Trim tree branches and bushes away from your home’s exterior.
  • Fix leaks around your home and address moisture buildup.
  • Repair any broken window or door screens around your home.
  • Install door sweeps under all exterior entranceways.
  • Repair or replace wood around your home that has been softened by water damage, rot, or decay.

One thing to keep in mind with ants is that they can be incredibly small and can fit through even the smallest of cracks and openings. This alone makes them much more difficult to prevent than other pests.

The Best Way To Keep Your Home Ant-Free

When it comes to keeping ants out of homes, no one does a better job than Action Pest Control. Our team of highly trained pest technicians has the equipment, experience, and treatments needed to effectively guard your home against all types of ant threats. With just a few service visits a year, your home can have everything it needs to stay ant-free.

Don’t let ants have free-roam inside your home this Spring. Give the ant control professionals here at Action Pest Control a call to get the treatments you and your home deserve.