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Why Professional Mosquito Control For Your Louisville Yard Is A Good Idea

mosquito on a tree

If you have ever experienced a mosquito in Louisville buzzing around your head, you know that there is not much in this world that could be more annoying. However, did you know that there is no other animal that is as dangerous as the mosquito? These slender, long-legged, pointy mouthed insects cause more deaths each year than any other animal in the world. As the female mosquito bites humans and animals to nourish her eggs, she spreads diseases from malaria to dengue to chikungunya, Zika, and the West Nile virus. 2019 marked the highest number of reported cases of eastern equine encephalitis, also spread by mosquitoes.

Effective (And Ineffective) Mosquito Control For Homeowners

There are many approaches homeowners use to combat mosquitoes in Louisville. Some are more effective than others. To guard against mosquito bites, remember that they are most active at dawn and dusk so you can avoid being outside as much as possible during these times. When outside, wear close-toed shoes, long sleeves, and pants. Avoid dark colors, floral prints, and sweet-smelling perfumes. Wear insect repellent containing DEET.
Most importantly, in terms of prevention, remember that mosquitoes are dependent on standing water for breeding. Eliminate mosquito-breeding areas by removing old tires, cans, buckets, planters, and any other container that holds water. Position tarps and boat covers to allow water runoff. Keep gutters and other drainage systems clean and functioning. Make sure pools are chlorinated and treat other standing water that cannot be eliminated with Bti.
Be careful not to fall into the trap of ineffective solutions. Citronella candles and tiki torches offer a nice ambiance but they will not keep mosquito populations at bay. Many over-the-counter pesticides are ineffective so make sure to check for EPA-approved labeling. Things like spraying garlic to control mosquito populations is a myth but at least it is not as expensive as some other ill-fated methods. Misting systems or fogging equipment can be temporarily effective when applied to large areas, but for home use these systems fall short. As soon as the spray has dissipated, mosquitoes return from neighboring yards. Bug zappers are often advertised for mosquitoes and while they work for some insects, they only kill a small percentage of mosquitoes in an area. The same goes for propane traps. Often these methods seem effective because they are killing some mosquitoes, but they don’t do enough.

The Answer Lies With Action Pest Control

Despite careful planning and prevention, there’s always a chance that mosquito populations will get out of hand for even the most diligent of homeowners. When it feels like mosquitoes have taken control of your home or property, call Action Pest Control for solutions. It only takes a bottle-cap-sized amount of water for mosquitoes to breed and multiply. The professionals at Action Pest Control will perform monthly treatments from April to October with EPA-approved products to eliminate resting places for adult mosquitoes on trees and shrubs while preventing larvae from hatching. These treatments are safe for both humans and pets. One-time mosquito services and community-wide abatement services are also available. We have been protecting families and communities from deadly, life-changing mosquito illnesses for over fifty years. Not only can Action Pest Control solve your mosquito infestation, but our on-staff entomologists also assist with planning and public information campaigns to help control mosquitoes on a larger scale.

Contact Action Pest Control Today

To take back control of your yard, call Action Pest Control for a free estimate of mosquito abatement. Here at Action Pest Control, we understand the behavior and biology of mosquitoes and are staying up-to-date on the latest products, techniques, and developments in mosquito control. Reduce health risks and increase your enjoyment of the outdoors in peak mosquito season by calling today.