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Are You Seeing Creepy Centipedes In Your Louisville Home?

a centipede on gravel

If you live in Louisville, you know what a centipede is. Centipedes are common pests in our area. But, you may not know everything you'd like to know about them, especially as it relates to why they are inside your home and how much of a threat they pose to you. Well, you've come to the right place. We're going to shed some light on those multi-legged, tan-colored bugs.

Do Centipedes in Louisville Bite?

The centipedes we see in Louisville homes are Scutigera coleoptrata, known commonly as house centipedes. While it is possible to be bitten by a house centipede, it is extremely rare. Other than possibly giving you a heart attack when you switch the light on in the bathroom and find one clinging to the wall--or causing you to have sleepless nights thinking about the creepy bugs crawling all around your home at night, they're harmless.

Why Are Centipedes Getting Into My Home?

This is an important question to ask. When you routinely see centipedes inside your home, it says a few things about your home:

  • They found a way in. Many bugs get into a home simply because they can. Centipedes are no exception. They'll get into your Louisville home if they can find an entry point. Some common entry points these bugs exploit are gaps around pipes, cracks in foundation walls, chipped mortar around windows, broken seals around doors and windows, gaps in weatherstripping around doors, and unprotected dryer exhaust outlets.
  • They found a location of high humidity inside your home. Centipedes need moisture to survive. This is why you'll find them in your bathroom or basement. If they are in either of these areas, you may want to consider lowering the humidity levels. You can do this by using the fan in your bathroom after taking a shower or bath, and by installing dehumidifiers in your basement.
  • They're probably finding food in your home. Centipedes don't want to live in a home that doesn't have food and they don't prefer to eat the foods you eat. They prey upon soft-bodied insects and other arthropods. That means you probably have lots of critters in your home.
  • They may have gotten in through a spot that is being damaged by water. A centipede infestation is often a sign of water damage. These bugs are highly attracted to areas of moisture and they are most likely to enter a home through a spot that is moist. A common issue that relates to centipede activity is clogged or broken gutters. If your gutter system isn't working properly, it will promote high moisture around your home. This can lead to wood rot, mold and pest activity.
  • You have centipedes around your home. Before centipedes get into your home, they hang out near your home. If you have centipedes near your home, you may have conditions that attract them like lots of leaf litter. Leaf litter and leaf piles are the ideal location for centipedes to dwell. They also love rock piles and wood piles.

How Do I Get Rid of Louisville Centipedes?

If you would prefer to not have creepy bugs, like house centipedes, inside your Louisville home, we can help you keep them out. The best way to reduce pests inside your home is to have quality pest control around your home all year long. At Action Pest Control, we use a range of pest control methods and products to achieve long-lasting and sustainable pest control in every season of the year. This works to directly reduce and exclude centipedes. But it also works to reduce and exclude the bugs they eat. If you have questions or you'd like to discuss getting residential pest control service for your home, we'd be happy to help.