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Spring Time Is A Great Time To Pest-Proof Your Indianapolis Home

pest proofing a window

With the hope of sunshine and flowers in the near future, residents of Indianapolis, IN are eagerly awaiting the start of the springtime season – and so are pests. 

Rising temperatures, increased rainfall, and new growth all encourage pests of all sorts to awaken and start plaguing us. Ants, termitesmosquitoesticks, and other pests will begin to come out of hiding and wreak havoc in local Indianapolis homes and businesses. To combat rising pest activity and the growing threat of home infestation, homeowners are preparing to protect their property through the annual ritual of spring cleaning.

Deep cleaning is one of the best home remedies for residential pest concerns. In fact, springtime is a great time to implement pest prevention methods, not the least of which is a good deep cleaning. This is true for several reasons:

  • Spring is one of the most active seasons for pests. Cleaning out and preparing your property for the first emergence will reduce the likelihood of infestation and mitigate your exposure to creatures of all sorts. 
  • Spring cleaning gives homeowners an opportunity to assess the current state of their home and discover any pest infestations that may have begun during the months of last fall. 
  • If pests are going to become a problem in your yard, spring is the time this will become most evident.
  • Getting outside and cleaning your space gives you a great perspective on any pest control needs for your home.

Spring cleaning your home does not take much in terms of money or expertise. With a broom, a rag, and a little elbow grease, you can prevent the worst of the springtime pest invasion by using the following six tips.

The Best Areas To Spring Clean For Spring Pest Prevention

  • Be sure to clean those often forgotten places under heavy appliances, including stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers. 
  • The back of your closets could use a little love! Try clearing out as much as possible. 
  • If you store or keep totes in your attic, consider giving the space a little TLC by organizing or giving away items you don’t need. 
  • Clean any yard debris, including leaf and stick piles. 
  • Seal up entry points found within the building, including gaps, cracks, and fissures. These could be along the walls, floors, ceilings, and foundations of the home. 
  • Address moisture issues with a dehumidifier, and clear out clogged drains and fix leaky pipes as well.

Not sure if you’ve missed a spot? Contact Action Pest Control now for more tips about your spring cleaning efforts, and schedule a free home inspection with a licensed pest control agent today.

Ongoing Pest Control With Ongoing Action

Homeowners all around Indianapolis are cleaning out their homes and implementing simple pest prevention methods during the earliest part of pest season. This does not mean that the process is simple (or fun). Thankfully, you won’t have to do this alone.

No matter how you choose to protect your home with spring cleaning tactics, the best form of pest protection will always be found with on-going assistance from the professionals at Action Pest Control. Built on expert knowledge and education from hands-on experience, Action Pest Control is your go-to Indianapolis, IN liaison for any pest problem, big or small. Our licensed operatives are highly trained to combat any pest concern with speed and skill. Call today to speak with a helpful service professional, or chat with us online by using the contact form below. We’re looking forward to making your spring the best one yet.