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The Ultimate Guide in Making Your Home Unattractive to Rodents

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At the end of this month is Rodent Awareness Week. Though this may not sound like a fun celebration, it’s an important week to pay attention to. Rodents are among the most misunderstood pests. A tiny mouse may seem cute and harmless, but an infestation can have horrible consequences. Mice carry diseases and bacteria which can be dangerous to humans. They also cause property damage with their incessant chewing. Their chewing can cause electrical fires and other severe damage. In honor of the upcoming Rodent Awareness Week, here is a comprehensive guide in preventing a rodent infestation and removing rodents if they get inside.

Rodent Prevention

Rodents usually come inside in search of warmth. As fall turns into winter, more and more rodents seek shelter inside homes. If they can easily find food in a kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere, they won't want to leave. The best way to prevent a rodent infestation is to remove food sources.

  1. Clean Up Inside: To prevent mice, limit their access to food. Start with a basic cleaning of your house. Every night, wash all dirty dishes, sweep the floors well, and wipe down countertops. Conduct a thorough search to make sure food is sealed and inaccessible. This may mean transferring grains and other food into plastic or glass containers instead of cardboard boxes or plastic bags. Keep in mind that even pet food can attract rodents and should never be left out overnight.
  2. Check the Outside: Extend the cleanup to the outdoors. Cut back vegetation to limit hiding places. Clean your garbage cans and make sure they have tight-fitting lids and that they can't be tipped over. Clean outdoor eating areas and never leave food or crumbs on the grill.

This month is the perfect time to check the exterior of your house for rodent entry points. Rodents can get inside through very small holes and cracks but these can be sealed up using a caulking gun. Rodents can come in through vents as well, but you can prevent this by covering them with mesh. And they can come in through an open door or window. Make sure to keep your house closed off this fall.

Eliminate Rodents

If rodents have gotten inside despite your efforts to seal them out, you might have some success in getting rid of them on your own. There are many efficient rodent traps on the market. You may need a variety of traps depending on which rodents you have in your house. One thing to consider when purchasing traps is how you want to dispose of the rodent carcasses once they are caught.

When dealing with rodents, you need to be careful because of their potential to carry diseases. Don’t touch a trapped mouse or other rodent with bare hands. And be aware that their fecal matter and urine can carry dangerous bacteria and disease. Once you’ve rid your house of rodents, be sure to complete a thorough cleanse of your house to prevent future problems.

If you want a safer option, call Action Pest Control. Rodent removal can be dangerous, frightening, and inefficient. At Action Pest Control, we have experience in dealing with all kinds of rodents. Our professional services are far safer than do-it-yourself attempts, and we can clear your house of rodents before it’s even time to recognize Rodent Awareness Week.