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Strategies For Fly Prevention In Indianapolis Homes

a fly up close

When flies find a way into your home and discover a source of food, they will quickly take over the space. A fly infestation is common during the summer months, when hot weather and humidity make flies more active. Any opening into your house, especially your kitchen, is a welcome sign to flies. Flies will swarm into the controlled temperature and bring disease and parasites into your house. Here are some mistakes you may be making that are attracting flies. We’ll also talk about ways to discourage flies from infesting your home, and what to do when you do have a fly infestation.

What attracts flies

Flies are most likely to make their home in your kitchen. The kitchen is an ideal location for flies, as it can contain many attractive food options. Flies primarily eat spongy and wet foods. They often find liquid in trash cans, especially organic trash, and in food crumbs and spills. Flies also love to eat decomposing matter and fecal matter - meaning that, as they crawl in your kitchen, they are transmitting bacteria from these materials.

If you are noticing more flies in your kitchen, you may need the following tips to address the cleanliness of your home:

  • Make sure all garbage cans are tightly sealed and don’t have any leaks.
  • Avoid leaving uncovered food out, especially foods with high sugar and protein.
  • Check for openings or cracks in the exterior of your house, especially around windows and doors.
  • Flies may have easy access to your house, and you’ll want to block off these openings so they can’t get in.

Even if your kitchen is clean, other areas of the house could be attracting flies. If you have waste outside, it will be drawing flies near your house, and they are more likely to try to get inside. Keep your yard clean and pick up pet waste often. Try to prevent moist dirt and mud from collecting near your house, since the moisture will attract flies.

Getting rid of flies

Thankfully, flies don’t need to be a permanent problem, and taking care not to attract flies in the first place may help prevent an infestation. When flies do enter your house, you can use products such as fly tape or a fly light to eliminate some of these unwanted guests. However, these products won’t eliminate all flies from your house. Though there are some chemical sprays and treatments you can buy for fly control, we don’t recommend using these. Chemicals can be dangerous, and you don’t want to get chemicals on your food or in areas where you’ll be preparing food. This could be just as harmful as the many diseases carried by flies.

Instead, we recommend calling professional pest control services for help. Flies can be an incredible nuisance, and the bacteria they carry can cause severe health problems. Professional pest control technicians will help you eliminate flies from your house and yard once and for all. At Action Pest Control, we inspect your house to find the root of the problem, and then we apply a customized treatment that is tailored specifically to your situation. Flies can be dangerous and annoying pests - don’t let them rule your kitchen! To secure your fly control treatment, call Action Pest Control today!