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We Can Help Button Up Your Elizabethtown Home Against Pests

a cockroach on your foundation

Before that first snow hits, it’s time to button yourself into that new warm winter coat and pull out your wool socks and boots. However, while you’re protecting yourself from the cold, don’t forget to also protect your home. Just as you are looking for warmth, some common pests may be looking to warm up inside your home. Although we think of pests as a summer problem, winter can bring just as many pest problems as the cold weather pushes them indoors. Find out how to button up your house and keep your family safe from bugs and rodents this winter.

Tis The Season

Glistening snowflakes, wreaths of holly, mistletoe hanging by the door… These are all images of the winter season. Winter doesn’t usually make us think of chipmunks, mice, and silverfish. However, cold weather sends these pests running into homes. Without proper preventative measures, your home could be a holiday hotel for many different kinds of pests. Your home may attract animals that are escaping the cold, such as rats and squirrels. It could also attract some common year-round pests like ants, cockroaches, and termites. These pests may be more attracted to your home this time of year because of the extra moisture in the air and the comfort of your climate-controlled interior. Other pests, like stinkbugs and ladybugs, may try to overwinter inside your walls, causing an infestation come spring.

Home Protection

One of the reasons more pests show up in Elizabethtown houses during the winter is because of the added moisture in the air. Many places, including Elizabethtown, get more precipitation during the winter. Damp ground attracts pests such as subterranean termites that may then get into a home. Use a dehumidifier to keep your home dry, especially in areas such as basements and attics.
Keeping your home clean and your food stored in airtight containers will help prevent bugs. All pests are attracted to food sources, so limiting their options will limit their arrival. Remember that even dog food sitting out may attract pests.
During the winter, you want to bear the cold and take some time to keep your yard clean and keep debris away from the exterior walls.
Finally, you’ll want to make sure the outside of your home is properly sealed. Seal any cracks that may have been caused by winter storms and make sure your windows are ready for winter and fully sealed to keep out bugs.

Professional Solutions

Once you’ve done an initial sweep of your house, have Action Pest Control double-check your work. We can help identify problem areas or weak spots in your home, and we can help you protect them fully. The Action Advantage means you get pest technicians who are highly trained and QualityPro Certified. Action Pest Control is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the National Pest Management Association, among others. We know what we’re doing, and we know how to help you make the most of winter with home pest control management.